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Grolsch surprises Amsterdam with special Uitmarkt swing-top bottle (Translation)

19 August 2009

Who will you toast with at the Uitmarkt?

Brewing company Grolsch will launch a limited edition of its swing-top bottle at the Uitmarkt. Especially for this event, Grolsch has given its swing-top bottles a unique Uitmarkt look. These Uitmarkt swing-top bottles are available at the "artiestenterras" near the Waag and at some participating Grolsch theaters and cafés in Amsterdam. Visitors will be invited to toast with each other at this unique event. Enjoying, celebrating and experiencing unique moments together is what defines Grolsch' brand strategy.

Grolsch will again be enthusiastically sponsoring the Uitmarkt in Amsterdam this year. On the 28th, 29th and 30th of August, everyone is invited to celebrate the opening of the cultural season in downtown Amsterdam while enjoying a glass or a swing-top bottle of Grolsch beer. The Grolsch stage near the music theater offers visitors the opportunity to experience several live pop acts.

Grolsch is closely involved with many big music festivals in the Netherlands, such as North Sea Jazz, Zwarte Cross, Lowlands and Mysteryland. Grolsch has also been noticeably present at various cultural events. The Uitmarkt offers Grolsch a great platform in Amsterdam to show its involvement in the cultural sector. The typical cultural character of the Uitmarkt is a great match for the distinctiveness that the Grolsch brand is known for.

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About Grolsch
Royal Grolsch N.V. is a company with a history that dates back to 1615. This makes Grolsch one of the oldest and most successful breweries in the Netherlands. Grolsch is active in the Dutch market, as well as in a large number of international beverage markets. Grolsch holds a premium position in the world, in which unique Grolsch values such as taste, top quality, tradition, aspiration, authenticity, and sharing enjoyment are central themes. Since 2004, Grolsch has been located in a modern brewery complex in Enschede. Since February 12th, 2008 Grolsch has been a subsidiary of SABMiller plc

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