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Be responsible at the Woodstock Stop (Translation)

3 August 2009

With the slogan of "Don't buy alcohol for teenagers. Let them listen to the music. Live responsibly," Kompania Piwowarska will promote responsible consumption of alcohol to this year's audience of the Woodstock Stop. Drivers will receive special stickers reminding them not to drive after consuming alcohol. Those willing will be able to check their alcohol blood count with a professional police breathalyzer. Kompania Piwowarska has also run a series of training sessions for sellers of alcohol so they can prevent alcohol purchase by adolescents.
"The producer of LECH - Kompania Piwowarska - has been present at the Woodstock Stop for years now. Its representatives engage in programs which are to prevent alcohol abuse particularly by young people who comprise the majority of the festival's audience. That's why the actions by Kompania Piwowarska are so important to us, for they complement the social function of the festival," says Jurek Owsiak, founder of the great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

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The statement by Katarzyna Wilczewska,j Public Affairs Manager of KP, regarding the company's  engagement in the Woodstock Stop

Alcohol is not for youngsters
We obtained great results due to such actions and training sessions by the sellers of alcohol, organized annually before this largest rock festival in Poland. "The checks made proved that not even one adolescent person bought alcohol," as we read in last year's report prepared for the National Agency of Solving Alcohol Problems. "Approaching a roll-bar with an ID in order to buy a beer is standard at the Woodstock Stop," say the regulars of the Festival. Alcohol sellers learn at the training sessions all the tricks used by adolescents who try to purchase alcohol, as well as many persuasive techniques and how to refuse selling alcohol to the youngsters. "We really care that the youngsters enjoy the company, good music and share in general fun, but the beer is reserved entirely for grownups. We also want the youngsters not to try to purchase alcohol and not to seek the assistance of grownups in purchasing beer. We also want the youth not to get exposed to the negative aftereffects of alcohol abuse or its irresponsible consumption," explains Paweł Kwiatkowski, Director for Corporate Affairs and Kompania Piwowarska's Spokesman.

Something for the drivers
Kompania Piwowarska does not forget about continually educating drivers who arrive at the Woodstock Stop. Special stickers have been prepared for them with the following slogan: "Don't drink and drive. Return home safely. Check your blood alcohol count." The checking of blood alcohol level count was organized for the first time this year together with the police. Every willing driver will have a chance to check his/her blood alcohol level with a professional breathalyzer.  In addition, festival goers will receive leaflets explaining the program "Check Your Alcohol Blood Count" through which one may use one's own mobile phone as a portable breathalyzer.  Details can be found at  But this is not all that is available for drivers. Every "photographic" can of LECH, from a limited series prepared especially for Woodstock, sports a slogan: "I never drink and drive," which is a continuation of the voluntary obligation agreed on last year by the major beer producers in Poland.

Live responsibly
"Live responsibly" is a leading slogan of all the campaigns by Kompania Piwowarska promoting responsible alcohol consumption. Therefore, this slogan will be seen on the T-shirts of the sellers and the Festival's staff, as well as on many other materials promoting the Woodstock Stop 2009.

LECH and the photographic beer can
For the first time in the 15-year-old history of the Festival, LECH Premium became a sponsor of this year's Woodstock Stop.  LECH has prepared a modern beer can with a color inscription in the form of a photo, especially made for the audience of the Festival, and for the first time ever in Poland. It was made in the innovative Hi-Res technique. The technology of its production is much more refined and advanced than the ordinary process of placing graphics on a beer can. The first "photographic" can in Poland will be presented to the audience of the rock concert. It will be available as a limited series as early as late July at the Festival. Thus, Woodstock is one of the few music festivals in the world with its own specially prepared beer cans for the occasion!

But that's not the end of LECH's participation in the Festival. The beer brand is also sponsoring a prize in the Band Factory contest and it has financed 1.5 thousand billboards promoting the Festival.

The 15th Woodstock Stop will take place in Kostrzyn on the Oder between July 31 and August 2.
Free admission!

More on the Festival at  and
Check the engagement of KP in the Woodstock Stop

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