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Cassava beer launched in another African country

Man drinking an Eagle beer

Building on the success of the world's first commercial-scale, cassava-based clear beer in Mozambique in 2011, Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) in Ghana has launched its Eagle cassava beer.

Cassava has traditionally been seen as a subsistence or emergency crop with almost no commercial development. In Ghana, there is an estimated 40% surplus each year, partly because there is little opportunity for farmers to sell cassava in commercial markets. Addressing the issue, ABL teamed up with DADTCO (Dutch Agricultural Development and Trading Company) and Cassava Processing Ghana Limited to design a mobile processing unit that travels to the cassava-growing regions and processes the root on site – so making it possible to use cassava commercially:

In the first year, ABL worked with over 1,500 smallholder farmers in this way. The launch of Eagle will allow farmers to generate income and reduce cassava surpluses. In the long-term it will contribute to Ghana's agricultural development and economic growth and offer consumers an affordable alternative to informal alcohol.

Developing employees' skills

A group of workers at a training day

In Ghana, Accra Brewery Limited and Voltic Gh Ltd have continued to help their employees to develop their technical skills through one-year apprenticeship training and three-year artisans' development programmes. In these ways, the programmes also seek to improve productivity.

In the last year, the two companies have invested over US$523,000 in training and skills programmes for employees. This year, 10 middle-level technical and engineering employees from both companies have successfully completed the training. A further 12 artisans and 12 apprentices are currently undergoing training.