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Annual report 2004

Released June 2004.

Annual report 2004 cover and screen

Corporate Accountability report 2004

Released July 2004.

We seek to meet our goal of creating value for our shareholders while living out our values and business principles throughout our operations.

Corporate Accountability report 2004 cover

Annual report 2003

Released June 2003.

Annual report 2003 cover and screen

Corporate Accountability report 2003

Released July 2003.

Our company values guide us in our relations with all those who have a direct interest in the business – our stakeholders – and inform the guiding principles which govern those relationships.

Corporate Accountability report 2003 cover

South African Breweries plc (SAB plc) and the Miller Brewing Company merged to form SABMiller plc in 2002.

Annual report 2002

Released June 2002.

Annual report 2002 cover and screen

Corporate Accountability report 2002

Released July 2002.

We fulfil our goals of business growth and maximised long-term shareholder value, while behaving in a socially responsible and progressive manner.

Corporate Accountability report 2002 cover

Annual report 2001

Released June 2001.

Annual report 2001 cover and screen

Corporate Citizenship Review 2001

Released July 2001.

The group has designated an inner core of non-negotiable values with regard to integrity, honesty and our responsibilities to society.

Corporate Citizenship Review 2001 cover

Annual report 2000

Released June 2000.

Review of performance for the year to March 2000.

Annual report 2000 screen

Corporate Citizenship Review 2000

Released July 2000.

In today's global economy, there is a growing business case for measuring and accounting for responsible wealth creation, building and managing stakeholder relations and allowing public perception to be formed by reality.

Corporate Citizenship Review 2000 cover

Annual report 1999

Released June 1999.

Review of performance for the year to March 1999.

Annual report 1999 screen

Corporate Citizenship Review 1999

Released July 1999.

We consider this second edition of our Corporate Citizenship review to be transitional, while formal systems are being developed for monitoring and measuring our ethical, social and environmental performance.

Corporate Citizenship Review 1999 cover