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Human rights in the Czech Republic

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Plzenský Prazdroj is an ‘employer of choice’ in the Czech Republic. Underpinning this recognition is its ethics policy, compliance with which is overseen by a senior level Ethics Committee. This is supported by a whistleblowing line and response team which investigates unethical behaviour. Employee-elected ombudsmen proactively monitor for potential ethical and human rights issues and represent the employees’ interests.

The business has developed close working relationships with trade unions; as well as the annual collective bargaining negotiations, management meets with union representatives quarterly. In addition, a Health and Safety committee composed of employees and trade union representatives supervises working environment standards and their improvement.

The business promotes human rights beyond its own operations and is the general partner of the 'One World’ international documentary film festival, which aims to foster cross-cultural understanding and increase public awareness of human rights.

Our priorities: Human rights

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