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Transparency and Ethics

Russia: Stakeholder dialogue on environmental issues

Panel at the round table discussion on environmental issues

In March 2011, SABMiller Russia held a round-table discussion on “environmental aspects of Sustainable Development in the supply chain” in the city of Kaluga, near Moscow. The aim of this event was to promote stakeholder dialogue and transparency.

A range of stakeholders were invited to the event including suppliers (such as StoraEnso and Cargill), government officials (Federal Inspection on Environment, Kaluga Ministry of Environment and Landscaping), civil society (Centre for Environment Protection, Agency of Social Information) along with national and local mass media. Environment experts from local companies were also invited to attend and share best practice in sustainable development. The round table discussion was attended by more than 40 people in total.

During the event, SABMiller Russia explained its approach to sustainable development and listened to feedback from different stakeholders. In general, opinions received were positive; in particular relating to work to reduce water consumption, waste and carbon. However, reducing packaging and encouraging recycling was underlined as the key priority to focus on in future. Following the discussion, attendees were also given a tour around the Kaluga brewery.

In March 2011, SABMiller Russia also published its first sustainable development report which can be found at

Ten Priorities, One Future: Communicating sustainable development to our employees

Ten Priorities, One Future

In June 2010, we launched ‘Ten Priorities. One Future’ our first global communications campaign to raise awareness of sustainable development amongst our employees and of our ten sustainable development priorities.

Through the campaign over 48,000 employees in 27 markets were involved in events, attended presentations or took part in other communications in a way that was relevant to their particular business and market. This was supported by the development of materials that could be used by all our business, such as a campaign logo and videos explaining some of the sustainable development projects undertaken across the world. These were also made available for external stakeholders on our website.

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Colombia: Supporting ethics

A group of workers

Bavaria, brewer of Aguila, has developed a robust approach to business ethics over the past five years in support of SABMiller’s commitment to the UN Global Compact and recognising the benefits for developing trusting relationships with stakeholders and employees, and building reputation and corporate standing.

Since it first adopted its ethics policy and guidelines in 2006, over 14,700 employees, subcontractors and strategic suppliers have been trained in the company’s principles. Training has taken place at all breweries, distribution centres and offices and all senior managers, including the president, vice presidents and directors of the business, have participated in the process.

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