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Transparency and Ethics

Colombia: Improving supplier standards in Colombia

Winners of ethical performance awards showing their certificates

In 2009 Bavaria presented ethical performance awards to 54 suppliers as part of its Rumbo Empresas Íntegras y Transparentes programme.

The aim of the programme, developed in association with Transparency for Colombia, the local chapter of Transparency International, was to implement and strengthen the culture of ethics in companies providing services to Bavaria. The course lasted 12 months, during which suppliers’ policies and procedures were reviewed to ensure they met Bavaria’s minimum standards, including those relating to business ethics and anti-bribery. More than 6,000 participants were involved in this training.

Honduras: Honesty with impunity

Poster featuring the character 'Tacho Sintacha'

In Honduras, Cervecería Hondureña has launched an internal communications campaign to raise awareness of corporate ethics. This communications campaign aimed to provide a permanent line of communications to employees to help them understand Cervecería Hondureña’s ethics policies and construct a culture of ethics whereby whistleblowing is perceived positively.

This campaign began with an internal competition for employees to name a cartoon character who would be an ambassador of ethics. 250 entries were made to the competition with the winning name decided as ‘Tacho Sintacha’.

Using the newly-developed character, the importance of ethics and whistleblowing has been communicated to employees through a number of mediums such as newsletters, banners and screensavers.

Uganda: Engaging with policy makers

A woman speaks at a meeting

We have continued our efforts to engage with governments, business leaders, NGOs and experts on HIV/AIDs issues.

In May 2009 we co-hosted a roundtable discussion on HIV/Aids, with the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Uganda to the UN in Geneva.

This round table was the eighth in a series of similar stakeholder conversations arranged by SABMiller over the course of the past three years. These events allow for a productive sharing of ideas and a frank exchange of views, and provide SABMiller with a valuable opportunity to hear stakeholder opinions about an issue of core interest to SABMiller’s business and to respond.

The event was attended by representatives from Business Action for Africa, UNAIDS, The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the WHO. Such discussions give us valuable insight for formulating future plans.

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Transparency and ethics. Why it's a priority for us and the action we're taking in the Czech Republic.


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