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Transparency and Ethics


Engaging with local stakeholders

As well as our stakeholder engagement activity at a global level, our local businesses also undertake their own stakeholder engagement activities.

Kompania Piwowarska SD reportIn Panama, Cervecería Nacional, held a stakeholder question-and-answer session when publishing its annual sustainable development report PDF (13.4Mb).

In South Africa, SAB (Pty) Ltd has continued to engage with a range of stakeholders on water risk through the Strategic Water Partners Network – part of the global Water Resources Group (WRG) – which brings together businesses and other organisations to improve water efficiency and infrastructure.

In the Canary Islands, the government's Deputy Minister of Environment visited one of our breweries to learn how the brewery has become more water and carbon efficient and has reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill.

In Italy, Birra Peroni led debate with stakeholders when presenting its sustainable development report PDF (10.0Mb) and related activities and was recognised for its contribution to employment and the Italian economy.

Ursus Breweries in Romania partnered with BIZ Magazine for its annual seminar, during which it shared its sustainable development programmes, progress and future plans with external partners and organisations.

Reporting our progress

We encourage our local businesses to publish sustainable development reports. This year, 16 businesses published information on sustainable development, either in print or online.

In Romania, Ursus Breweries published its first-ever sustainable development report summarising progress and initiatives between 2010 and 2012.

In Poland, Kompania Piwowarska's sustainable development report PDF (5.9Mb) was named the best in Poland by an independent jury composed of representatives of the Responsible Business Forum, PwC and SGS Group. The jury praised the report's comprehensiveness, its clear communication of the strategy, the credibility of its data and its relevance.

The Guardian online debatesIn February 2013, SABMiller linked up with The Guardian to hold a day of broadcasts and online debates on how to achieve inter-connected action on water, food and energy security. The debates were viewed online by over 3,000 visitors from 101 different countries. We estimate that through social media we reached over 1.5 million people.

Business ethics and code of conduct

This year we have continued to obtain assurance as to the effective implementation of our ethics and anti-bribery policies. Our anti-bribery programme includes internationally recognised good practice measures including training and communication, vetting of relevant suppliers and communicating our ethical standards, procedures in areas such as gifts and entertainment, donations and sponsorships, and promoting our independent whistleblowing hotlines and procedures.

Our global procurement business, SABMiller Procurement, has also integrated ethics and anti-corruption requirements into its best-practice sourcing policies. During the year, we have also been working with some of our key joint-venture partners to understand their approach to transparency and anti-bribery issues, and to ensure that this is aligned with our commitment to high ethical standards. Our Internal Audit function is engaged in a project to monitor the roll out of our anti-bribery programme within key operating business units.

Our work to ensure both that our ethical procedures are integrated into ‘business as usual’ processes, and that transparency and ethics are a key consideration in all significant business decisions, will continue on an ongoing basis.

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High standards of ethical behaviour and transparency underpin all that we do. We therefore place a high value on reporting and communicating in an open and honest way with all our stakeholders

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