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We’ve launched a set of ambitious new sustainability targets as part of Prosper – the latest evolution of our approach to sustainable development, and a key element of our business strategy.
These targets include commitments to support half a million small businesses, deliver world-class water efficiency, and cut our total carbon footprint. They are part of our plan to address five ‘shared imperatives’.  Imperatives, because they are urgent, compelling and essential to our future success.  Shared, because we don’t face these challenges alone and will only address them through sharing our local knowledge and collaborating through innovative partnerships with suppliers, customers, consumers, communities, governments, NGOs and many others.

The five shared imperatives: 

  • Accelerate growth and social development through the company’s value chains, with a focus on promoting entrepreneurship, particularly among women and disadvantaged groups
  • Make beer a natural choice for moderate and responsible drinkers, by promoting robust standards and guidelines, launching new communications campaigns and supporting programmes to reduce the harmful use of alcohol
  • Secure shared water resources for SABMiller’s business and local communities, by building a detailed understanding of water risks and creating community partnerships to manage them 
  • Create value by reducing our waste and carbon footprint throughout the value chain, driving down emissions from brewing, promoting sustainable packaging and prioritising low energy fridges
  • Support responsible, sustainable use of land, by creating secure, sustainable supply chains and by helping farmers to increase profitability, productivity and social development 
Reflecting the shared nature of the challenge we face, Prosper was launched on 9 July 2014 by our Chief Executive Alan Clark to an audience of NGOs, government representatives, investors, senior business figures, industry associations and media at an event in London. 

He explained the basis for this new initiative. “At SABMiller, we believe business can play a leading role in tackling society’s future challenges.  And our business will play a leading role. Society has high expectations, but so do we. We need reliable access to quality raw materials. We need water to brew our beers. We need a license to exist, to market and sell our products responsibly. And we need thriving communities of consumers who want to enjoy quality products.
Sustainable development sits at the heart of our strategy as a business. It will enable our growth and inspire our people.
Alan Clark |Chief Executive
Jane Nelson, Director of the CSR Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School, commented: "The company of tomorrow creates shared value and opportunities not only for shareholders, but for people, communities and other partners throughout its value chain. SABMiller is doing this by making sustainable development part of core business strategy. For example, directly supporting half a million small businesses has the potential to improve the lives of 1.5 million employees of those businesses and a further 6 million family members. If SABMiller lives up to the ambition it is setting out today, this could be transformational." 

David Nussbaum, Chief Executive, WWF-UK, said: “In terms of its ambition, scale and commitment at the highest levels of the company, SABMiller’s ’Prosper’ plan represents a vision that recognises the centrality of sustainability to delivering prosperity – for businesses, as well as for people and nature.” 

For more information on Prosper, please visit www.sabmiller.com/prosper.

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