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Turning back De Klok

We have delved into the rich past of one of our leading brands to create a simple beer for everyday drinking – and people love it

From 1809 until 1953 our brewery in Groenlo, Holland, was called the ‘Brouwerij De Klok’ – or the Bell Brewery.

It was named after the neighbouring church bell, which would ring at the end of a service, indicating to the local farmers and artisans that it was time to enjoy a cold beer.

In those days, the brewery was a multifunctional space, including a tavern and a café, where people would come to socialise, and even spend the night.

However, after almost 150 years, the brewery’s name was changed to the Grolsch Brewery and the De Klok name faded into history.

But the time came for these Dutch brewing traditions to be celebrated and revived, with the launch of De Klok – a simply good beer. And it has definitely hit the right note in the Netherlands, with sales exceeding our expectations.

De Klok’s proposition of ‘simply good beer’ rings true in its easy-drinking style, with a good balance of sweetness and bitterness. Its commitment to fuss‑free, no‑nonsense beer-drinking is communicated via the striking yet classic packaging, which has instant shelf-appeal, and stands out among other brands in its price bracket. A distinctive bell-shaped label and picture of the old Groenlo brewery itself subtly reinforce De Klok’s rich heritage.

In launching De Klok, Grolsch deftly used its heritage to extend its reach to a new audience in its homeland.

When the brand is first introduced into a particular retail outlet, it is supported by a two‑can trial-pack offer, and a follow-up price promotion. But there are no other marketing tools used – not even social media – so the brand speaks for itself, and has grown organically.


The success of De Klok, an affordable beer with a link to the premium and celebrated Grolsch brand, shows that a simple but quality beer can strike a chord with shoppers looking for value for money in a tough economy.

The presence of the Royal Grolsch emblem on the De Klok label serves as an assurance to consumers that despite its competitive price, the beer will also always taste good.


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