Introducing Lech ICE Diesel, a unique combination of Lech Premium beer and cola created by our Polish subsidiary, Kompania Piwowarska (KP)

KP is challenging Polish consumers to take sides: are they part of the Lech ICE Diesel rebellion, or do they strive for harmony and the balance of Lech ICE Shandy? 

Of course, the refreshing taste of beer and lemonade is well known around the world. And Lech ICE Shandy, a mix of Lech Premium and lemonade, has been popular in Poland since its launch in 2012.

But Lech ICE Diesel’s combination of Lech Premium beer and cola is also not without precedent. Cola is often mixed with red wine and served over crushed ice to make the popular South African drink katembas, while the coke float – ice cream and coke – is a teenage rite of passage.

The rivalry between Lech ICE Diesel and Lech ICE Shandy has been brought to life through a campaign directed by well-known painter and creator of animated films Pawel Borowski. You can watch his eye catching adverts here

What would you choose?

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