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Barmen Pilsner: patience rewarded

Taste and exclusivity are the twin watchwords of Barmen Pilsner – so much so that it might just be the greatest beer you’ve never heard of.

Sold exclusively in bars and restaurants in the US state of Colorado, Barmen Pilsner pays homage to the founder of Coors Brewery, Adolph Coors. This is underscored by its name, which is taken from the German town where Adolph was born in 1847.

It is one of four special beers produced in limited quantities at the 30 barrel capacity AC Golden microbrewery, the former Coors pilot brewery. It’s an independent operation which has its own dedicated area within the larger Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado.

While each of AC Golden’s beers possesses its own unique characteristics, Barmen Pilsner is considered one of the ‘original’ AC Golden brews, having been launched on 12 November 1997 and produced from the same pilot brewery which AC Golden calls home. Since that time it has accumulated a loyal following of discerning drinkers, even though it has never been advertised locally.

“Barmen is brewed to be a true German Pilsner. It’s really a tribute to the revolutionary, pioneering spirit that Adolph Coors – as one of Golden’s first craft brewers – brought to this area,” explains AC Golden brewer, Steve Fletcher.

“We try to stay as true to the German regime of ‘cooking’ (referring to the malt mashing process) as we can. Plus we use a hand-picked selection of imported German and Czech hops, which provide a softer bitterness.”

Accessing that softer bitterness requires a little patience, however. Another special feature of Barmen Pilsner is its seven-minute pouring ritual. Yes, you read that right, seven minutes. Though it’s seldom seen within the US market, this careful pouring technique honours the traditional method used in Germany. Its purpose is to fully unleash the beer’s hoppy aroma, as well as creating a head of fluffy white foam that lasts until the final drop has been consumed.

So if you’re ever in Colorado with several minutes to spare, make sure you look up where to enjoy Barmen Pilsner.

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