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Closer co-operation

In late 2003 Kompania Piwowarska (KP), SABMiller’s subsidiary in Poland, conducted an employee opinion survey. It showed that employees were relating more strongly to their own departments and were not seeing enough of the bigger picture.

KP reacted by creating internal communications initiatives aimed at improving communications at every level. Survey results are now shared with employees and a six-monthly board road show was launched to give every employee the opportunity to have direct access to senior management. Info-kiosks have been provided, so that all employees can access information on the company intranet, and the company internal magazine, SWIAT PIWA, is now published monthly rather than bi-monthly. The SABMiller performance management processes have been introduced, which include empowerment through joint goal setting, regular one-on-one meetings and formal performance feedback.

The changes have had considerable impact; the latest employee opinion survey reveals two important developments. Employees are now much more likely to see problems as opportunities, and they are making use of the new communications channels to talk more openly and freely about the issues that concern them.

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