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Supporting responsible, sustainable use of land for brewing crops

We want a productive world where land is used responsibly, food supply is secure, biodiversity is protected and our crops can be accessed at reasonable prices.

Today, around a billion people go hungry; demand for food is growing, and resources are scarce. Our business depends on the same land and water that local communities use for food crops.

We will support responsible, sustainable use of land for brewing crops. We are creating secure, sustainable supply chains both for malting barley (our key brewing crop) and local brewing crops such as sorghum and cassava. We are helping farmers increase profitability, productivity and social development while reducing environmental impact.

By 2020, we will

  • Ensure the sourcing of brewing crops measurably improves both food security and resource productivity:
    • Improve the barley grown per hectare, while reducing inputs such as water, energy and fertiliser, in key growing areas
    • Improve productivity of other key brewing crops where we have influence
    • Improve food security for small-scale farmers who supply us in emerging markets by helping them increase their incomes and food production
    • Achieve local sustainable sugarcane standards for all of our sugarcane

Performance highlights

We work directly with barley farmers to improve the profitability and environmental and social impact of their farms through programmes such as Better Barley, Better Beer, run in association with WWF in South Africa where we hope to source 90% of barley locally.

We have pioneered the use of undercommercialised crops in our beer, providing new markets for farmers without affecting food availability.

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