Partnering with an NGO to deliver education programmes to reduce underage consumption of alcohol:

Cervercería Hondureña in Honduras partnered with NGO Glasswing International and USAID’s Youth Development Program to fund an education programme for adolescents about:

o The risks associated with alcohol consumption
o Resisting peer pressure to drink before the legal drinking age
o Strengthen their knowledge and prevent future consumption

The program also has a focus on the development of ‘young leaders’ who can act as peer to peer trainers, which strengthens the message to future participants. 

The program also includes a community intervention aspect to create an environment that actively discourages underage consumption of alcohol, working with parents’ associations, community groups and local church communities. 

Over the last 2 years the programme has been reached over 4,500 adolescents and 600 community members and there are plans and funding to expand the program in the future. 

Working with national retailers to support and augment Responsible Retailing programmes

The Delta Corporation in Zimbabwe partnered with a large retail group in Harare, who were already running responsible retailing training with their Franchisees, to improve training provisions around responsible sale of alcohol. After a pilot in early 2013 the training was rolled out to a broader range of Franchisees in the Harare area as well as approaching the other 2 main retail companies in Zimbabwe. 

As a result of the partnership the retailer has taken the messages from the training and is producing their own responsible Point of Sale and communication materials. 
The one thing that became so exciting about it was that this is an institution that is concerned about being a responsible retailer, and we are a manufacturer that is concerned about being a responsible manufacturer. So we are like minds that have come together.
Tsungi Manyeza | Community Projects Manager, Delta Corporation Ltd

Drawing on the expertise of medical professionals to improve education and information for pregnant women: 

During 2013 URSUS Brewery in Romania worked with healthcare specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr. Alina Ursuleanu, to develop the ‘Find your Balance’ education programme to improve the understanding of why alcohol should not be consumed during pregnancy. 

This involved creating a booklet and seminar for pregnant women to educate them about the risk of drinking whilst pregnant and linking with the local responsible drinking website Despre alcool and parenting website Copilul to create an online component to the campaign including quizzes about the risks and competitions for women to win vouchers for baby products. 

Over 900 booklets were distributed to 18 clinics in Romania, and over 5 million users visited the online pages about the campaign.