An integrated approach to CSI

  • Invested in CSI programmes 32.3 million US$
  • Economic value generated 24.3 million US$

                                                                                                            Our economic contribution

In the year ended 31 March 2014 SABMiller generated US$24,254 million of economic value through our business activities, most of which was distributed to employees, shareholders, governments and local communities. 

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Corporate Social Investment

We define corporate social investment (CSI) as ‘a contribution or investment of cash, knowledge, employee time and equipment to people or communities to enable them to flourish and help sustain the environment in which we can be a successful business’.

This definition does not include investment in programmes combating abuse the harmful use of alcohol undertaken by our businesses; the provision of HIV/Aids testing or managed healthcare programmes for our employees; and the procurement of materials or services from smallholder farmers working on our enterprise development programmes. Investment in these three areas is funded and managed separately as they relate so closely to our core operations and the overall responsible running of our business.

We also recognise that micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are critical to economic growth in many of the communities and markets in which we operate. It is in our interest to nurture and support these businesses as we seek to create thriving and prosperous communities. We do this in many ways, including investing in new ideas, promoting entrepreneurship and fostering skills development through our programmes around the world.

Understanding impact

We select projects and initiatives that are appropriate for our local businesses and the markets in which they operate. We also aim to understand, measure and manage the value of our CSI projects by placing a monetary value on social and environmental outcomes through calculating the Social Return on Investment (SROI). This methodology has been used to measure the impact of CSI projects in a number of markets, including the Czech Republic, Peru, Poland, Uganda, El Salvador and Romania.

In the year ended 31 March 2014, SABMiller invested US$32.3 million in its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes. This equates to 0.6% of our pre-tax profit and is a small  decrease since last year (2013: 0.7%).

Our businesses seek to invest in CSI programmes that have the greatest relevance, make the biggest difference to their communities and connect with our other shared imperatives such as accelerating growth or securing water resources.

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Corporate Social Investment (US$ million)

  • Cash: 20.2
  • Gifts in kind: 4.8
  • Time (in USD): 1.4
  • Management costs: 6