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Beer is a local product, typically brewed, sold and consumed within the same community. At SABMiller, we believe that growth and job creation are key to reducing poverty in communities around the world.

When a country’s GDP grows, and especially when incomes improve, so too does our business performance, at the same time creating wealth and improving livelihoods for the countries and communities in which we work.

The multiplier effect – the jobs and employment created through our investments and operations – can be a powerful force for local development. In Africa and South Africa we employ more than 24,000 people and support more than a million livelihoods indirectly through our supply chain and the distribution and retail of our beers.  In Europe, for every person SABMiller Europe employs a further 17 jobs are supported in other sectors, mainly in the hospitality industry – which plays a critical role in fighting youth unemployment. Research from the Brewers of Europe found that the hospitality sector supports around one in every 13 jobs in Europe (some 16.6 million jobs).

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