Sustainability Assessment Matrix reporting tool

This tool provides detailed information from our Sustainability Assessment Matrix (SAM). You can use it to explore the performance of our businesses around the world across our five shared sustainable development imperatives.


For each of our shared imperatives, SAM measures performance indicators based on measurable outputs - such as water efficiency, carbon emissions or employee diversity - to assess performance towards our 2020 targets. This tool includes a selection of data for our global business and local businesses.

SAM also assesses operations against five levels of performance, which enable us to measure the maturity of our operations around the world. These include core standards, to which all our businesses are required to adhere. In many countries, these core standards far exceed regulatory requirements. Many of our core standards were recalibrated this year to reflect our new sustainable development strategy, Prosper

The SAM reporting tool shows the performance of our operating businesses against these levels.

Our 5 levels of performance