Assuring our approach

We work in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders worldwide to drive and measure progress on our shared imperatives. 

SABMiller is committed to being transparent in our reporting. We believe a business which is transparent regarding its objectives, successes and challenges is more likely to be trusted by its stakeholders. We also know that this engagement with stakeholders  strengthens our understanding of the issues and drives improvements in our approach. 

Our 2016 sustainable development reporting includes several forms of third party verification. 

We commissioned PwC to provide limited assurance over selected information contained in our Sustainable Development Report, including water and carbon efficiency, and gender diversity. 

Our sustainable development ambition, Prosper, focuses on the most material sustainability challenges for our business. We introduced several new indicators to assess our progress on these. These include: the percentage of our beer production volumes at risk from water risk; our total value chain carbon footprint; and the number of small businesses supported across our value chain. There are no established standards or best practice for these indicators. 

For some of these key new Prosper indicators, we commissioned PwC to apply its ‘Inspiring Trust through Insight’ concept. This aims to provide insight into the maturity of the indicators and measurement approach, where limited assurance is not yet possible.

We also know that we need further indicators to understand progress on complex issues such as livelihoods and social impact, mitigation of water risk and carbon footprint. We are working in partnership with others to further develop our approach to measuring these areas. We asked key partners to provide commentary on work we have undertaken together, and on where there are opportunities for future collaboration.

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