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Our sustainability framework

By focusing on what matters locally we are integrating sustainable development further into our strategic thinking and business planning.

The Sustainable Development Way is at the heart of our approach to sustainable development (SD), providing a consistent framework for managing SD and focusing all of our operations’ efforts and resource priorities. The SD Way is supported by a suite of policies and position papers, as well as guidelines, training, and tools for building capability and sharing best practice globally.

Individual operations are ultimately held accountable for their own performance, which often forms part of our senior managers’ performance objectives and remuneration.

Our businesses assess their own SD performance using a bespoke monitoring system, the Sustainability Assessment Matrix (SAM). Since the launch of our 10 SD priorities in 2007 SAM has provided us with relevant data on how we are performing in each priority area, enabling us to track improvements as well as identify and resolve any issues that are holding us back.

All our businesses are required meet core standards, which, in many countries, far exceed local regulations.

In the year ended 31 March 2014 the average score achieved by SABMiller across all priorities was 3.5 – the seventh year of continual improvement and a 51% improvement since the first group average SAM score of 1.7. Group average scores increased across all 10 SD priorities, with significant improvements made in enterprise development and transparency and ethics.

In 2015 the SD Way and SAM system will be re-launched to reflect our five new shared imperatives. Find out more about our shared imperatives

Sustainability Assesment Matrix tool (SAM)

Find out how we're performing using the SAM tool

SAM Tool