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Our sustainability framework

By focusing on what matters locally we are integrating sustainable development further into our strategic thinking and business planning.

The Sustainable Development (SD) Way is at the heart of our approach to SD, providing a consistent framework and focusing all of our operations’ efforts and resource priorities. It is supported by a suite of policies and position papers, as well as guidelines, training, and tools for building capability and sharing best practice globally. Individual operations are ultimately held accountable for their own performance, which often forms part of our senior managers’ performance objectives and remuneration.

Aligning sustainable development with business strategy

This year, we focused on embedding Prosper in the business; bringing it to life and making it relevant for all our employees. Our country managing directors used town hall meetings to launch Prosper in 29 markets, with external stakeholder events in 18. Regular webinars and Yammer events have maintained momentum throughout the year. However, there is more to do: in the coming year we will focus on instilling Prosper in core business processes and ensure each market has a robust strategy to deliver our targets.

All parts of the business are responsible for Prosper. That is why we have introduced a new Prosper Forum, which meets four times a year. It is chaired by SABMiller’s General Counsel and Corporate Affairs Director and is attended by our regional corporate affairs directors and senior leaders from each function, such as marketing and sales, supply chain, human resources and legal. Through the forum we ensure resources and capabilities are in place to deliver our Prosper targets, approve policies, lead co-ordinated activities, and manage potential trade-offs.

Find our who sits on our Prosper Forum

Prosper Forum

The Mackay Awards

The Mackay Awards, launched this year to honour our late chairman Graham Mackay, celebrate and share the best Prosper initiatives and innovations across the business. Entries have to demonstrate both positive social and business impact. Winners were selected by a judging panel of SABMiller's Chief Executive, Acting Chief Financial Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Affairs Director, Chairman Designate Jan du Plessis and non-executive director Trevor Manuel, as well as Jane Nelson, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School, and Matias Bendersky, Chief of the Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Unit, Inter-American Development Bank.  Winning programmes will be showcased at a workshop to explore how to replicate and scale them across the group and into our value chain.

Mackay Awards


Measuring performance

Our businesses assess their own SD performance using a bespoke monitoring system, the Sustainability Assessment Matrix (SAM). SAM KPIs are based on measurable outputs – such as water efficiency, carbon emissions or employee diversity – to assess performance towards our 2020 targets. This gives our local operations the data they need to inform their strategic conversations and the reassurance that they are tackling their most material SD issues.

SAM also assesses operations against global core standards for each of our five shared SD imperatives. In certain areas new core standards represent a recalibration of our expectations in terms of overall SD performance. All our businesses are required to meet these standards which, in many countries, far exceed local regulatory requirements.

This year, we updated the SAM system to reflect our five shared imperatives, with every user receiving face-to-face training on the system and its new standards.