Leadership commentary

Katharina Stenholm, CEO, SABMiller Procurement

Our suppliers are vitally important, both for our success and the development of the communities where we operate. SABMiller Procurement has committed to work only with suppliers that share our values. This commitment and our minimum requirements are explained in our supplier code of conduct, which applies to all our suppliers.

We are members of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX), and AIM-PROGRESS, a forum of leading consumer goods companies that aims to enable and promote responsible sourcing practices and sustainable supply chains. A total of 976 suppliers are now registered with SEDEX, a 32% year-on-year increase. We lead the AIM-PROGRESS Mutual Recognition workstream, which seeks to reduce duplication in supplier assessments. In the year we collected 276 ethical audits on our key suppliers and directly commissioned 118 audits. By working with our suppliers to reduce areas of non-compliance, we have helped 131 of them to improve working conditions on their sites and to meet our standards.

Under our supplier accreditation programme, key global suppliers have also signed up to the key provisions of our anti-bribery policy and provided insights into their efforts to eliminate bribery and corruption from their supply chains.

Katharina Stenholm

CEO, SABMiller Procurement