Governance and monitoring

Accountability for our sustainable development performance is monitored closely at group and at regional level.

Our sustainable development (SD) performance is overseen by the group corporate accountability and risk assurance committee (CARAC), a committee of the SABMiller plc board. The CARAC is chaired by Dr Dambisa Moyo, a non-executive director of SABMiller plc.

Each region has its own CARAC, chaired by the regional managing director, which meets twice a year to review local SD performance and discuss emerging issues. A typical agenda includes health and safety, an update on performance measured through our Sustainability Assessment Matrix (SAM), a spotlight on a particular shared imperative, and detailed discussion on one or more topical issues.

Regional CARACs are attended by the regional corporate affairs director, as well as representatives from SABMiller plc including the General Counsel and Corporate Affairs Director, the Sustainable Development Director, and the Policy, Public and Industry Affairs Director. The group CARAC is regularly updated on each region’s progress.

Full membership of our CARAC can be viewed here.