Supporting small businesses

Small business - big impact



Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for nearly 70% of global employment1. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasise the critical role that these small businesses play in creating jobs and economic growth, especially in areas of high unemployment, poverty, and poor social mobility.

SABMiller buys from or sells directly to approximately 1.5 million small businesses worldwide. Our business relies on the ability of suppliers, farmers, distributors, and retailers to survive, grow, and prosper with us. That is why we have committed to support over 500,000 of these small businesses to enhance their growth and livelihoods. So far we have reached over 175,000.

We will achieve this goal by:

  1. Aligning it with our commercial strategy: by making support for small businesses integral to the way our local commercial teams – such as sales and procurement – work, we can be more responsive to their needs;
  2. Understanding the small businesses in our value chains, and facilitating access to essentials for their success: by enabling access to training, advice, financial services and technology, as well as new markets, so small businesses can improve their operations and financial skills as they grow; and
  3. Collaborating with others: by joining forces with organisations that share our goals, we can deliver support more efficiently and at greater scale. For example, we have expanded our partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank in Latin America to focus on business and community leadership in six markets, and on measuring impact. We are also working with CARE International to develop metrics to measure the impact of our programmes.