Responsible procurement

Our Supplier Code of Conduct and Sustainable Development Standards, launched in 2012, are now applicable to all our suppliers globally. They cover the protection of human rights and labour standards, transparency and business ethics, and environmental standards.

We are members of SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, and AIM-PROGRESS, a forum of leading consumer goods companies that aims to enable and promote responsible sourcing practices and sustainable supply chains.

Under our supplier accreditation programme, key global suppliers have also signed up to the key provisions of our anti-bribery policy and provided insights into their efforts to eliminate bribery and corruption from their supply chains.

For more detail please visit our sustainable procurement page

Respecting land rights

As a business operating in much of the developing world, access to land is highly significant. The UN Development Programme estimates that as much as 90% of land in sub-Saharan Africa is untitled.

This lack of legal ownership leaves small-scale farmers at risk of having land sold from under them and reduces their ability to invest in their farms.

Our supplier code of conduct requires suppliers to respect the land rights of people and communities in their supply chain and operations. We are building our understanding of how we can best support farmers to obtain legal land tenure. This can prevent future disputes and related supply disruptions, and encourage them to invest in more sustainable crops.

Payment terms

We aim to provide our small business partners with a value proposition that helps to address the biggest constraints to their growth. This includes payment terms: we have amended our supplier payment terms policy to exclude certain small businesses from our standard terms when we know these would constrain their ability to operate and grow.

For more detail please visit our how to become a supplier section