Local view

Grant Harries, President, Bavaria S.A., Colombia

Bavaria’s business has been built to help others prosper with us.

Small enterprises provide 98.7% of Colombia’s jobs. These include more than 380,000 shopkeepers who sell our beer, and the 4,900 small and medium enterprises supplying our goods and services.

Each year, 85% of Bavaria’s supplier spend is with Colombian suppliers and 70% with small and medium businesses. Our Small Supplier Improvement Programme helps suppliers improve quality and service, strengthening our relationships with them. Since launching in 2008, it has supported over 250 suppliers and 436 local barley farmers.

Our Destapa Futuro (Uncover the Future) initiative supports small businesses which have the potential to grow quickly and generate quality jobs that help reduce unemployment and poverty. Since 2006, the programme has trained 4,807 people and provided US$11 million in seed capital to 411 entrepreneurs, stimulating the creation of more than 8,000 jobs.

We are also proud to create opportunities in our value chain for unemployed and vulnerable people; particularly for the seven million Colombians displaced by armed conflict in recent decades. As part of our 4e retailer programme, Tiendas de Paz (Peace Shops) works with communities that have recently relocated or returned home following violence. By supporting new shops to open or providing existing ones with business training, the programme generates jobs that help people rebuild their lives while increasing outlets for our products.

Bavaria’s business has been built to help others prosper with us. These examples show what a thriving world can look like, improving livelihoods for many Colombians while strengthening our value chain.

Grant Harries

President, Bavaria S.A., Colombia