Accelerating growth and social development in our value chains

We want a thriving world where incomes and quality of life are growing.

Businesses create jobs, develop markets, and stimulate economic growth. Yet too many people – especially women – are excluded from the positive impact of economic growth.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seek to tackle poverty, but also broaden the concept of development to encompass the provision of decent work, enterprise development, women’s empowerment, and reduced inequality.

One of the most powerful contributions we make to these goals is through direct and indirect employment, and through the value we generate in our operations, our value chain and local economies. In 2016 we generated US$21,640 million of economic value through our business activities, most of which was distributed to employees, shareholders, governments, and local communities.

We are committed to accelerating growth and social development through our value chain to support our business growth, and the communities around us.

By 2020, our target is to:

  • Directly support more than half a million small enterprises to enhance their business growth and family livelihoods
  • Work with partners to measure overall number of enterprises supported, income, job quality, and employability, with a specific focus on women
  • Increase women's representation within SABMiller at the executive level

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