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Creating value through reducing waste and carbon emissions

We want a clean world where nothing goes to waste and emissions are dramatically lower. Climate change has far-reaching consequences for our business and the communities where we operate.

We will create value through reducing waste and carbon emissions. We will work with suppliers, distributors, retailers, municipalities and consumers to reduce emissions and waste across our value chain, and reuse and recycle waste and packaging.

We are on track to achieve a 50% reduction in on-site greenhouse gas emissions from our breweries by 2020.

By 2020, our target is to:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint per litre of beer across our value chain by 25%* including:
    • 50% reduction within our breweries
    • 25% reduction in packaging carbon footprint
    • 25% reduction in refrigeration carbon footprint and no new HFC powered fridges
  • Focus on reducing emissions across our agriculture value chain and distribution network
  • Continue to divert a very high proportion of brewery waste from landfill and create new value waste

*against a 2010 base

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