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World Vision Ghana Receives "Tutu Desks" from Accra Brewery Limited

4 December 2012

Accra : 29 November 2012: World Vision Ghana today received 1,999 “Tutu desks” from Accra Brewery Limited under the Tutu Desk Campaign to assist pupils in deprived communities of Ghana where World Vision has ongoing education interventions.

The donation, valued at over twenty-three thousand Ghana cedis (GHC 23,000) is part of Accra Brewery Limited’s corporate social investment activities and is also the outcome of a partnership between World Vision Ghana and Accra Brewery Limited with the aim of improving children’s access to quality education. The donation is therefore the first step in a partnership to assist deprived children in Ghana access quality education to improve their learning outcomes.

The desks will be used by children in the Sene, Savelugu Nanton and Bawku West districts in the Brong Ahafo, Northern and Upper East Regions of Ghana respectively, who are currently using stones or the floor as surfaces for their books when they write.

Accra Brewery Limited is further making available to World Vision Ghana an amount of GHC 6,860 to facilitate transportation and distribution of the Tutu desks to the beneficiary districts for onward delivery to children in the selected schools.

In an address at the ceremony, the Corporate/Legal Affairs Director of Accra Brewery Limited, Adjoba Kyiamah, said, “We at Accra Brewery Limited believe in supporting the communities in which we operate because our success depends on the success of these communities”. She added, “Travelling across the length and breadth of the country, we have seen children in several communities attending school without essential amenities such as desks and chairs. That is why when we heard about the work of the Archbishop Desmond Tutudesk Campaign, we thought it was a brilliant idea and decided to implement it here in Ghana.”

The desks will be distributed to pupils in 20 schools in the Sene, Savelugu Nanton and Bawku West districts. Sene District will receive 824 desks, Savelugu Nanton, 655, while the remaining 518 desks will be allotted to the Bawku West.

Receiving the desks on behalf of World Vision Ghana, National Director Mr. Hubert Charles noted World Vision and Accra Brewery believe that a flat writing surface, such as the “Tutudesk” would greatly improve learning conditions for the children.

This means that some of the teething problems, such as writing a story or solving an arithmetic problem, usually done against balancing a book on the knee, in the hand, writing on back of a classmate or the bare earthly surface, will be addressed.

Tutudesks are portable school desks (flat surface writing boards) provided by the Tutudesk Campaign (whose Patron is Archbishop Desmond Tutu) to children in sub-Saharan Africa who do not have the benefit of a classroom desk which affects a child’s ability to concentrate in class. So far, over 1 million desks have been distributed across sub-Saharan Africa.

Notes  to  editors:

About  Accra  Brewery  Limited  (A  subsidiary  of  SABMiller  plc)

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), originally known as Overseas Breweries Limited, was established in 1931, becoming the first brewery in the then Gold Coast. In 1975, the locally registered Accra Brewery Limited acquired Overseas Breweries assets.

Today, Accra Brewery Limited is a public company with a wide range of brands including sparkling soft drinks and non-alcoholic malt beverages. The all-time favorites in this range are Club Muscatella, Club Orange and Club Cola.

As a subsidiary of SABMiller Plc, ABL understands that its profitability depends on healthy communities, growing economies and the responsible use of scarce natural resources. These issues are therefore integrated into the business through SABMiller’s 10 sustainable development priorities.

About  SABMiller  plc

SABMiller plc is one of the world’s leading companies in the beverage industry with some 70,000 employees in over 75 countries. The group’s portfolio includes global brands as well as leading local brands. SABMiller also has growing soft drinks and water businesses and is one of the world’s largest bottlers of Coca-Cola products.

In the year ending 31 March 2012, the group reported EBITA of US$5,634 million and group revenue of US$31,388 million. SABMiller plc is listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges.

About  World  Vision  Ghana

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian, advocacy and development organisation dedicated to working to transform the lives of children, families and communities worldwide so they may reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. In Ghana, this task is performed by World Vision Ghana. World Vision started working in Ghana in 1979, pursuing integrated community development interventions to alleviate the needs of the poor through community development projects that target small communities.

In 1992, in a major policy Shift, World Vision started working through Area Development Programs (ADPs) covering a cluster of communities within a district. Currently, World Vision implements projects in 33 Area Development Programs in the 10 administrative regions of Ghana.

For further information please contact:

Esperanza Ampah
Communications Manager, World Vision Ghana
Tel: +233 (0) 26 845 8608

Worlasi Bedu- Mensah
Corporate Communications Manager, Accra Brewery Limited
Tel: +233 (0) 30 2688851-6

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. 
Note, the news release was first published in its local market on 28th November 2012.


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