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Making better use of water in Honduras

Our Honduran business, Cervercería Hondureña, has reduced its water usage for carbonated soft drinks and clear beer by 54% and 35% respectively since 1998.

This has been done by encouraging good practice amongst employees, making use of wastewater for functions such as cleaning floors and by better use of water in bottle conveyors, washers and rinsers. The next step will be to increase the water we collect for reuse and use it for applications such as washing crates, conveyors and trucks.

Biogas recovered from the company’s wastewater supplies nearly 15% of the energy used by the brewery’s boiler. A local nursery takes sludge from the wastewater treatment plant for use as fertiliser and treated wastewater for irrigation. Other treated wastewater has been used by the business to create ‘La Vereda Tropical’ (The Tropical Walk), a recreational area for the local community.

Lightweighting in Honduras

Bottle of Barena beer

Our lightweighting work in Honduras has, on average, achieved a 12.1% reduction in primary packaging weight over a 10-year period.

During that time, Cervercería Hondureña has reduced the glass in its returnable soft drink and lager bottles by 21% and 18% respectively. In 2007, it reduced its usage of PET plastic by 13% to 1 kg of PET plastic per 0.49 hectolitres of beer produced.

It has also increased the amount of recycled material used in its packaging. For example, 30% of the plastic crates used to distribute its products are now made of 100% recycled material.

World-class work policies in Honduras

Cervecería Hondureña’s approach to human resources has made it an employer of choice in Honduras and throughout Central America. Its policies aim to embed a culture of responsibility, growth and excellence which manifests itself in a number of ways.

The training programme emphasises development and individual achievement and, at a cost of US$1 million, provided over five days’ training to all 3,000 employees in the last fiscal year.

Quarterly and annual awards encourage exceptional performance while long-term service is also recognised. Individual and group goals help employees and their managers to gauge their progress and develop appropriate skills. Working hours are monitored to ensure work-life balance and complaints are addressed promptly.

Cervecería Hondureña has received both international and local awards for the quality of its product and the workplace environment it provides.