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Protecting the local water supply

Complejo El Playón reserve in El Salvador

“Complejo El Playón” near San Salvador is a protected area which is important for the natural water recharge of the aquifer which supplies local communities with water. However, in recent years the area has witnessed environmental degradation due to deforestation and the creation of new human settlements within the park. This poses a significant risk to the local water supply.

In response to the increasing degradation and recognising the environmental importance of the park, Industrias La Constancia has worked with a number of local partners to implement an environmental payment scheme.

The scheme aims to recognise the environmental benefits of sustainable land use. This includes water protection and promoting biodiversity conservation. As part of the project, indigenous trees have also been planted and rangers have been appointed to monitor land use within the park.

Strengthening local entrepreneurs

Woman behind a shop counter

Near to one of Industrias La Constancia’s distribution centres in Soyapango, the Veracruz community is an area of high levels of poverty and crime. To help address some of the problems, Industrias La Constancia has begun a programme to develop local entrepreneurs.

Working in partnership with a local NGO (ASISTEDCOS) a community survey was initially conducted to identify suitable beneficiaries for grants. During 2010, 25 new businesses were created in the programme, benefiting approximately 75 individuals and their families. The businesses were predominantly small retailers selling food and beverages.

In addition, the programme also includes the promotion of healthy activities for younger members of the community. This has included the donation of sports kits, footballs and goals for and equipment for music and dance lessons in the Community Centre.

Human rights in the supply chain

Farmer in a grain field

Industrias La Constancia (ILC), in El Salvador, which has brewed Pilsener for more than 100 years, has worked in partnership with the El Salvador Sugar Association and the local government to ensure appropriate labour standards - and, in particular, a prohibition on underage labour – are in place within sugar cane plantations throughout the country.

We have worked in partnership with Coca-Cola to build awareness of the issue, monitoring the cane plantations and supporting education and alternative production projects. These are particularly important as they create viable alternatives for generating family income without relying on children's wages. Nearly 6,000 underage workers have so far been withdrawn from work as a result.

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