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Contributing to the reduction of HIV/Aids

Uganda: A holistic approach to tackling HIV

St Francis Health Care Services building

In Uganda, Nile Breweries works with small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers, truck drivers and even the bartenders who sell its products. The programme includes awareness and prevention education, VCT and the provision of antiretroviral therapy as needed. In expanding from the workplace into the community, Nile Breweries has ensured that the farmers many of whom are females are trained as peer educators to be able to work within their own groups and they were given bicycles to enable them to travel more easily.

To date, 320 peer educators have been trained to promote HIV/AIDS awareness within sorghum farming communities, reaching over 4,000 farmers. Training was provided in home-based care for those community members who had sick relatives and children orphaned by HIV and AIDS were provided with bedding, school books and psychosocial support.

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India: Project Humsafar - 'Let's join hands to fight HIV'

A group of men at a presentation ceremony

SABMiller India, in partnership with Humana People to People India and Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society (RSACS), recently launched a programme to raise awareness of HIV/Aids among more than 300 truckers.

To communicate with this potentially vulnerable group, Project Humsafar used street plays and films alongside more traditional activities such as group discussions and counselling.

As a result of this successful campaign, RSACS and the National Aids Control Organisation (NACO) acknowledged the company’s commitment by presenting a condom vending machine at its Rochees brewery in Neemrana.

The second phase of the campaign will focus on highway restaurants or dhabas near the breweries. There are also plans to extend the programme to high-prevalence areas such as Pondicherry and Bangalore.

Malawi: Project Mama raises awareness of HIV/Aids

A shirt is presented to a tavern mama

In Malawi, Chibuku Products Ltd owns over 40 beer halls or taverns where local people, usually men, come to drink. Each is operated by a committee of local women or ‘tavern mamas’. Over the past year a project has been undertaken in partnership with MANASO, a national networking organisation for AIDS service organisations in Malawi to train 62 mamas as peer educators at three taverns in Lilongwe.

The primary objective was to raise awareness of HIV/Aids amongst these women to dispel many of the myths around the disease, and for them in turn to share this information with men using the taverns. This included providing information libraries and counseling services linked to each tavern. Feedback from this work has been positive and as a result MANASO are seeking to roll the programme out to all taverns.

Peru: Awareness, education and prevention

A presentation in progress

In 2007, Backus in Peru established their policy instead of position statement on HIV/AIDS based on SABMiller’s global policy on this issue, the Global Compact Principles, the Millennium Development Goals and national legislation. In 2008, this was followed by an intensive communications campaign among all workers throughout the company, using verbal, written and electronic means.

In addition to the communications campaign, in 2008, employees were for the first time offered the possibility to have an HIV test incorporated into their routine medical examination programme and as a result, 76% accepted the voluntary test. Alongside working with employees, the awareness campaign has expanded to cover commercial partners and local communities.

To support this work, Backus was an inaugural member of the Peruvian Business Council in response to HIV/AIDS (CEVIH), established in 2009 with 15 other companies. The Council Presidency is occupied by the Backus representative.

Russia: Funding of Aids centre

A doctor stands in front of new medical equipment

The Ulyanovsk region in Russia has one of the country’s highest prevalence rates of HIV/Aids. To understand how they could assist with the regional AIDS centre, SABMiller Russia initially met with the Regional Ministry of Health and Region Administration.

SABMiller Russia has subsequently made financial provision for a number of projects. These have included the purchasing of medical equipment and the sponsorship of the refurbishment of the paediatric ward in the AIDS centre.

Following the installation of the equipment, waiting lists have been cut with almost twice as many patients being tested than before and the process for applying for VCT has been simplified.

South Africa: Taking training out to taverns

A group of men being trained

In South Africa, SAB Ltd in partnership with an NGO partner (Men for Development in South Africa (MEDSA)) have continued to run a life skills programme for men – focusing on HIV/Aids, responsible consumption of alcohol and gender-based violence.

This programme is based in local taverns and offers men a six week, life-skills course. It provides context-specific and culturally-relevant information and suggestions for alternative, positive behavioural patterns to the tavern patrons. In addition, participants are encouraged to have themselves and their spouses tested for HIV.

The programme has been particularly successful and it is envisaged that this will be scaled up significantly in the next financial year.

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Contributing to the the reduction of HIV/Aids. Why it's a priority for us and the action we're taking in South Africa.


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