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Contributing to the reduction of HIV/Aids


Educating our employees and providing healthcare

All our businesses in areas of high HIV/Aids prevalence run peer educator programmes which aim to inform our employees, encourage VCT and reduce the stigma associated with HIV/Aids. On 31 March 2013 we had 1,733 peer educators, equating to one peer educator for every 12 employees in high-prevalence countries.

VCT plays an important role in ensuring that HIV-positive employees and their spouses get early access to managed healthcare programmes. We encourage all our employees, and their spouses, to participate in annual VCT. In 2013 54% of employees in high-prevalence countries were tested compared with 62% in 2012.

Extending our reach

We work with local communities and our supply chain partners by sharing our expertise and our proven internal programmes. In so doing, we have provided access to education programmes, VCT and treatment to many groups in our supply chain, including small-scale farmers, truck drivers and hospitality workers.

In South Africa, SAB (Pty) Ltd provides infrastructure, delivery trucks and an extensive distribution network with a long-term aim of reaching 16,000 local taverns over the next five years, distributing more than 845 million condoms and averting 1.6 million new HIV/Aids infections. This national condom distribution programme is established in partnership with the National Department of Health, the South African Business Coalition on HIV/Aids and the Society of Family Health to support the government in extending its distribution reach to non-traditional outlets, especially taverns.

Wellness Development Programme In Zimbabwe, Delta Corporation Ltd. has a comprehensive HIV/Aids programme which includes offering testing to all truck drivers and sub-contractors and running education programmes at supplier events.

Beyond HIV/Aids

HIV/Aids, sadly,id not the only disease that affects our business and the wider community, particularly in Africa. Following successful pilots in Botswana, South Africa, Swaziland and Tanzania, we are rolling out our new Wellness Development Programme which focuses on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), tuberculosis and malaria as well as hepatitis B and C.

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