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Contributing to the reduction of HIV/Aids


HIV/Aids has the potential to affect our workforce, consumers and the communities in which we operate, impacting social and economic development. Reducing the prevalence of HIV/Aids is particularly important for our operations in Africa and in countries with emerging epidemics such as parts of Latin America.

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Our response

Our most intensive programmes focus on regions with high HIV/Aids prevalence (more than 5% of the population). We work proactively by offering education, awareness training and treatment for all of our employees along with their spouses and immediate dependants.

As our approach to HIV/Aids is well established, we have built on the lessons we have learned to implement a broader Wellness Development Programme covering other harmful diseases such as Malaria, sexually transmitted infections, hepatitis B and C and tuberculosis.

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Level assessment score


Chart the level assesment score: 2010 - 3.1; 2011 - 3.5; 2012 - 3.8; 2013 - 3.8 More on our performance

HIV/Aids annual testing rate

Tests taken as a % headcount (countries with prevalence >5%)

HIV/Aids annual testing rate - Number of tests taken as percentage of headcount (in countries with prevalence >5%): 2009 - 42; 2010 - 72; 2011 - 74; 2012 - 62; 2013 - 54
Views from our stakeholders

'The fight against diseases like HIV and AIDS can only be won through effective public/private partnership.'

David Evans
Global Fund Manager Resource Mobalisation Unit - Private Sector

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