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Defining corporate social investment and measuring outcomes

We define corporate social investment (CSI) as ‘a contribution or investment of cash, knowledge, employee time and equipment to people or communities to enable them to flourish and help sustain the environment in which we can be a successful business’.

Our definition of CSI does not include investment in programmes combating abuse the harmful use of alcohol undertaken by our businesses; the provision of HIV/Aids testing or managed healthcare programmes for our employees; and the procurement of materials or services from smallholder farmers working on our enterprise development programmes. Investment in these three areas is funded and managed separately as they relate so closely to our core operations and the overall responsible running of our business.

We also recognise that micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are critical to economic growth in many of the communities and markets in which we operate. It is in our interest to nurture and support these businesses as we seek to create thriving and prosperous communities. We do this in many ways, including investing in new ideas, promoting entrepreneurship and fostering skills development through our programmes around the world.

Understanding impact

We select projects and initiatives that are appropriate for our local businesses and the markets in which they operate. We also aim to understand, measure and manage the value of our CSI projects by placing a monetary value on social and environmental outcomes through calculating the Social Return on Investment (SROI). This methodology is used to measure the impact of CSI projects in the Czech Republic, Peru, Poland, Uganda and, more recently, Romania.

In Poland, Kompania Piwowarska worked with a local NGO to analyse its employee volunteering programme. The results found that for every one Zloty invested through the programme, 5.81 Zlotys are returned to society through a range of benefits such as increased employment and improved health.

Progress against 2013 targets

2013 Target Progress

Build on shared learning from across the group to develop a global entrepreneurship programme

We have built an Entrepreneurship Platform and partnered with Business Fights Poverty to share our learnings, promote a series of debates around entrepreneurship and identify the best ways to achieve positive impact for micro and small businesses in our value chain and the communities where we operate. This platform was launched in May 2013.

Expand our Progresando Juntos Programme in El Salvador to support over 300 micro and small entrepreneurs

300 micro and small entrepreneurs have graduated from La Constancia's Progresando Juntos programme. On average, retailers have been able to improve their sales by 13% across all products.

Grow our Destapa Futuro entrepreneur programme to encompass direct suppliers and new regions in Colombia.

21 suppliers are currently participating in the Destapa Futuro entrepreneur programme.

Destapa Futuro programme was reviewed and re-launched under the name 4E Camino al Progreso. It was designed in collaboration with the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and focuses on developing capabilities of our retailers (tenderos) so that they can improve their businesses, enhance their leadership skills, increase their families' wellbeing as well as role they play in the communities.

2014 targets

  • Launch an entrepreneurship initiative in Lesotho.
  • Develop a consistent reporting framework with Professor Ethan Kapstein to help us develop common performance indicators that will measure the impact of our business in a consistent way. Pilot the approach in two markets.
  • Work with the Harvard Kennedy School CSR Initiative and Inspiris to develop an ecosystem framework for entrepreneurship programmes and pilot the toolkit in two markets.

Position paper

Our position on corporate social investment: the need to bring benefits to the communities we serve

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Position paper on corporate social investment