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The greatest contribution business can make to society is to generate inclusive growth – growing a successful, profitable business by building value chains that create jobs, drive economic growth and improve social development while using scarce natural resources efficiently.

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Our prosperity is closely linked to that of the communities in which we operate. Investing in communities helps us to build strong relationships with those communities, our consumers and our employees.

Across the world, our businesses select projects and initiatives that are appropriate for their business, the local community and the market in which they operate.

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How we're performing

Level assessment score


Chart the level assesment score: 2010 - 3.0; 2011 - 3.3; 2012 - 3.7; 2013 - 3.9 More on our performance

Community investment

US$ million

CSI Summary US$ million %
Cash 23.7 67%
Gifts in kind 6.1 12%
Time (in US$) 1.5 6%
Management costs 6.3 14%
Total CSI 37.5 100%
Views from our stakeholders

'SABMiller and FUNDES tackled the social problem of poverty among shop owners, and by applying their business skills helped them become more competitive and grow their incomes.'

Mark R. Kramer
Managing Director, FSG and Senior Fellow, CSR Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

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