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Working towards zero waste operations


The growing global population is placing strain on the world's resources, making it increasingly important to use resources efficiently. We follow the principles of the waste hierarchy to reduce, reuse and recycle in an efficient and, ultimately, value-creating way.

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Most of the waste we produce is organic matter from the brewing process. Much of our waste has a value and can be reused, either to generate energy, to create new products (recycled glass bottles from broken glass, for example) or for agricultural purposes such as fertilisers or animal feed. We intend that our breweries should become zero-waste operations.

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Level assessment score


Chart showing the Waste level assesment score: 2010 - 3.0; 2011 - 3.1; 2012 - 3.3; 2013 - 3.4 More on our performance

Waste recycling/reuse rate

Percentage recycling rate 2008-2012

Chart showing the Waste recycling/reuse rate: 2009 - 95; 2010 - 96; 2011 - 96; 2012 - 94; 2013 - 94
Views from our stakeholders

'We have worked closely with Backus to develop an innovative project to use brewery waste to produce compost for a substantial reforestation project.'

Enrique Toledo
General Manager, Reforesta Peru

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