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Packaging, reuse and recycling

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A global sustainable packaging strategy

Over the last year we have continued to embed and implement our sustainable packaging strategy. This has eight core elements:

  • Taking a ‘cradle-to-cradle’ approach to packaging
  • Promoting sustainable design
  • Ensuring packaging is safe and fit for purpose
  • Seeking opportunities to eliminate or reduce packaging
  • Increasing the recycled content of packaging
  • Reducing the amount of transit packaging used
  • Understanding the disposal options of the packaging we use
  • Contributing to the achievement of water and carbon savings

We have introduced a Sustainable Packaging Steering Group comprising senior leaders from each area. This is supported by a Global Packaging Collaboration Team with representatives from all our markets and from different disciplines to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice.

Progress against 2013 targets

2013 Target Progress

Develop a global packaging carbon reduction target.

We have developed a packaging target based on extensive research and benchmarking, which we plan to launch publicly in 2014.

Invite 30 packaging suppliers to pilot the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain programme.

SABMiller Procurement has invited 30 strategic suppliers to disclose their carbon emissions through the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain programme.

The first year was very successful with a response rate of 76%. A range of responses were received from packaging suppliers, leading to opportunities for cross category and cross supplier best practice sharing.

2014 targets

  • Double the number of suppliers invited to participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain programme to 60 suppliers.

Position paper

Our position on packaging and packaging waste: working towards vibrant packaging reuse and recycling economies

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Position paper on packaging and waste