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Packaging, reuse and recycling


The issues

The impact of packaging on the environment is a visible and high-profile issue.

In some markets, the lack of adequate municipal waste collection and recycling facilities means litter is an increasing problem. Litter not only pollutes the environment but is also unsightly.

Companies need to take action to minimise both pre- and post-consumer packaging waste. Packaging should be designed for optimum recycling/reuse and to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

On the post-consumer side, companies need to encourage packaging reuse and recycling in order to help reduce litter and the amount of packaging waste sent to landfill.

Why this is a priority

The packaging we use is integral to how we present our products to consumers. More importantly, it preserves the quality of our beer and keeps it safe for consumers' enjoyment. While ensuring that our packaging protects our beer, we also take into account its environmental impact from manufacture to disposal.

Our businesses use a variety of packaging types and materials, selected according to product need, consumer preference and the way that retailers sell our products as well as other factors such as the recycling infrastructure. When appropriate, we invest in recycling or reuse infrastructure and promote recycling among consumers.

Position paper

Our position on packaging and packaging waste: working towards vibrant packaging reuse and recycling economies

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Position paper on packaging and waste