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Packaging, reuse and recycling


The packaging we use preserves the quality of our beer and keeps it safe for consumers' enjoyment. It is also integral to how we present our products to consumers. While ensuring that our packaging protects our beer, we also take into account its environmental impact from manufacture to disposal.

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Our response

We have a global sustainable packaging strategy that seeks to ensure a consistent and sustainable approach to the design, reuse and disposal of packaging. We use a variety of packaging types and materials based on product need, consumer preference and the way that retailers sell our products, as well as the recycling infrastructure. Where possible, we use returnable bottles.

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How we're performing

Level assessment score

Packaging and Packaging Waste

Chart showing the Packaging and Packaging Waste level assesment score: 2010 - 2.3; 2011 - 2.6; 2012 - 2.8; 2013 - 2.9 More on our performance

Packaging type

Percentage breakdown

Returnable bottles 46%
Aluminium cans 21%
PET 12%
Non returnable bottles 12%
Keg 6%
Other packaging 2%
Steel cans 1%
Views from our stakeholders

“The highest standards place us and our partners among the top companies in terms of caring for the environment.”

Zbigniev Skowronek
Director for trade
Koba organizacja odzysku s.a.

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