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Reducing our energy and carbon footprint


Improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions

In 2013 we used 127 megajoules (MJ) per hl of lager produced, a reduction of 8% compared to the previous year. Our CO2 emissions fell by 10% to 11.1kgCO2e/hl.

Fossil fuel emissions from energy use at our breweries down 10% to 11.1kgCO2e/hl

In the Canary Islands, Compañía
Cervecera de Canarias reduced its energy consumption by 4%, which currently represents 130.54 megajoules (MJ) per hl of beer produced, and reduced emissions by 6%. Bavaria in Colombia and Cervecería Nacional in Panama reduced their energy consumption by over 20% compared to 2012.

Investing in renewables

The proportion of energy that is generated from renewable sources represents 4%, which is a 1% increase compared to 2012.

renewable energy plantWhere possible, we seek to generate energy from brewing waste in order to create a valuable resource and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Many of our businesses have installed systems to generate biogas from the anaerobic treatment of waste water and use spent grains to produce energy. In Colombia, renewable energy corresponds to 15% of the total energy mix. In India, four of our breweries use rice husks and groundnut shells sourced from local farmers as a fuel to produce renewable energy.

Reducing emissions in our supply chain

To distribute our products as efficiently as possible, we use various forms of transport and seek opportunities to optimise our logistics.

Grolsch truckIn the Netherlands, Royal Grolsch N.V. won a Lean and Green award from the government for a programme to reduce the carbon emissions associated with its distribution. Royal Grolsch N.V. changed its deliveries to coincide with times when the roads are at their quietest, typically at night. From a 2007 baseline, this has helped to reduce distribution CO2 emissions by over 22%.

In Poland, Kompania Piwowarska has developed its Conscious Driver programme which trains drivers in fuel-efficient driving. As part of the programme, all new vehicles are now equipped with reverse sensors, in-car speakerphones and a computer supporting ecological driving.

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High standards of ethical behaviour and transparency underpin all that we do. We therefore place a high value on reporting and communicating in an open and honest way with all our stakeholders

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