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Reducing our energy and carbon footprint

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A holistic approach to energy and carbon management

We take a holistic approach to managing energy and carbon and seek to be energy-efficient as we brew beer and operate our facilities.

We've set clear and stretching targets for each of our breweries, investing in technology and brewing innovation and sharing knowledge and best practices across our business. Plants have clear accountability: this year we introduced a 'user pays' philosophy, which assigns responsibility for resource-efficiency within a plant at each step of the manufacturing process from brewing to packaging.

Where we can, we use alternative and renewable sources of energy. We also consider the carbon associated with our value chain, focusing particularly on packaging manufacture, transport and the refrigeration of our products.

Watch Tony van Kralingen, Supply Chain & Human Resources Director, talk about how we are brewing more efficiently.

Progress against 2013 targets

2013 Target Progress

Pilot new energy efficient, LED illuminated fridges in the trade in South Africa

Every new SAB Ltd fridge placed in the market, including refurbished units, are now fitted with LED lights and Energy Management Devices (EMDs).

26,434 fridges with LED lights were installed in trade during F13. 17,129 were fitted with EMD against a target of 15,000. Increased illumination inside SAB fridges will also ensures that our brands are the choice of cold, without compromising on quality.

SAB Ltd is investing R64 million to replace current fridge lights with LED lights over the next four years. Projected energy saving costs per fridge show an approximate 30% reduction in cost and actual KW electricity consumption.

Continue to reduce fossil fuel emissions per litre of lager as we work towards our target to be 50% more carbon-efficient by 2020 over a 2008 base

The carbon emissions per hectolitre of lager produced fell to 11.1 kgCO2e/hl, 10% less than the previous year.In absolute terms, we have cut carbon emissions by 26% between 2008 and 2013.

Add three Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in India to reduce our carbon footprint and costs of production

The CDM project at the SICA Brewery in India was registered in December. Two further projects - at Malabar and Foster breweries in India are currently awaiting host country approval and are expected to be registered in June 2013.

2014 targets

  • Continue to reduce fossil fuel emissions per litre of lager as we work towards our target to be 50% more carbon-efficient by 2020 over a 2008 base.
  • Convert two boilers in India to Biomass, using rice husks as a fuel source, following the successful conversion of two boilers in 2013.

Position paper

Our position on energy and carbon: reducing our carbon and energy footprint

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Position paper on enery and carbon