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Reducing our energy and carbon footprint


The effects of climate change could have far-reaching consequences, particularly for water availability and agricultural production – both of which are vital to the production of beer.

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By 2020, we aim to halve the fossil fuel emissions from our on-site energy use per hectolitre of lager produced compared to 2008. Wherever we can, we use alternative and renewable sources of energy which produce fewer emissions than fossil fuels.

We also consider the carbon associated with our value chain, focusing particularly on packaging manufacture, transport and the refrigeration of our products.

SABMiller Procurement, our global procurement business, is a part of the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain programme. This is helping us move beyond measuring direct greenhouse gas emissions from our breweries and distribution fleet to include climate change risks across our supply chain, including key suppliers.

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Level assessment score

Energy and Carbon

Chart the level assesment score: 2010 - 2.2; 2011 - 2.4; 2012 - 2.5; 2013 - 2.7 More on our performance

CO2 emissions/beer ratio

kg CO2/hl beer

CO2 emissions / beer ratio -  kg CO2/hl beer: 2009 - 14.3; 2010 - 14.2; 2011 - 13.8; 2012 - 12.4; 2013 - 11.1
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'We look forward to working with SABMiller and their key suppliers over the coming years to drive emissions reduction activities across the supply chain'

Dexter Galvin
Head of CDP Supply Chain

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