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Training 600 retailers and traders

A public speaker holding a microphone

In Botswana, Kgalagadi Breweries (Pty) Limited has launched a programme to promote responsible alcohol consumption. The programme aims to provide information to retailers and traders on their role in reducing alcohol abuse, to empower them to change behaviour in their establishments, to encourage responsible trading and interaction with consumers and to establish a clear view of what it means to be a responsible trader.

The programme focuses on topics such as drinking responsibly, not drinking when pregnant or underage and not drinking and driving It also promotes responsible communication and promotions. To date, 600 traders have completed the training.

Responsible retailing

Accra Brewery workers

In Ghana, Accra Brewery Ltd's Responsible Retailing programme works with experts from the Health and Work Environment Agency on issues such as alcohol's effect on the body and alcohol and pregnancy.

The training was piloted with 32 retail outlets in the Greater Accra region. Over the next year, the company plans to expand the training to cover its retailers in all 10 regions of Ghana.

Encouraging responsible consumption across the value chain

Public speaker encouraging responsible consumption

Alcohol abuse – particularly the consumption of illicit alcohol – is a problem among some rural farmers in Uganda. In response, Nile Breweries has developed an innovative programme to communicate alcohol responsibility messages to a largely illiterate group of farmers in an easy-to-understand and engaging way.

Designed to provide information on responsible consumption, the programme was developed in partnership with Health Initiatives in the Private Sector (HIPS) and a USAID-funded NGO. In its first year it reached 1,300 farmers.

Nile Breweries also has a partnership with the Uganda Police to provide training for retail outlets. The aim is to promote responsible alcohol consumption, avoid the selling of alcohol to underage or already intoxicated consumers and discourage driving after drinking. Last year 700 retailers took part in the programme.