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Our approach to sustainable development is to set out an overall framework but to give our operations the flexibility to implement programmes that best meet their local circumstances.

View the case studies below to see how we implement our 10 sustainable priorities locally.

Farmers working in a field

USA: Getting to zero six years early

Separating cardboard waste at a MillerCoors brewery

MillerCoors believe that waste is simply a resource out of place, and are committed to finding ways to reuse and recycle whenever they can.

In 2009, the business reduced the total amount of waste sent to landfill by more than 20%, exceeding its 2015 waste goal six years early. Three MillerCoors breweries have now reached zero waste status: Elkton in Virginia, Irwindale in California and Trenton in Ohio.

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Panama: Nearing zero waste to landfill

Waste Panama nearing zero waste to landfill

In 2004, 17% of the solid waste such as cardboard, paper, plastic, PET bottles, wood pallets, Aluminium cans, paper and plastic bags and metals various, produced at Cervecería Nacional's brewery in Panama was sent to municipal solid waste landfills.

With a target to achieve 0% of waste being sent to landfill, Cervecería Nacional embarked on a campaign to further reduce, reuse and recycle the waste produced by their brewery. This began with an inventory of the brewery which helped to identify the recyclable potential of waste produced. This helped to reveal the quantities, the types of wasted product, the size and the site for collection of the materials.

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USA: Achieving zero waste at MillerCoors

A dumper truck emptying its load

MillerCoors has set itself a challenging target to find new opportunities to reuse, reduce and recycle brewery waste. In a single year the business reduced the total amount of waste sent to landfill by more than 20% and met its 2015 waste goal in 2009.

Three breweries at Elkton in Virginia, Trenton in Ohio, and Irwindale in California achieved their goals of zero waste to landfill during this past year. The breweries have reduced solid waste by reducing usage, recycling or finding reuse streams for a broad spectrum of materials ranging from spent brewery grains to filter powders such as kieselguhr (a filtration medium). The Elkton brewery recycles or reuses 99.6% of its wastes. The remaining 0.4% goes to the waste-to-energy facility.

Working towards zero waste operations 00:04:20

Working towards zero–waste operations. Why it's a priority for us and the action we're taking in South Africa.


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