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Ten Priorities. One Future.

Local action

Our approach to sustainable development is to set out an overall framework but to give our operations the flexibility to implement programmes that best meet their local circumstances.

View the case studies below to see how we implement our 10 sustainable priorities locally.

Farmers working in a field

South Africa: Producing compost from brewery waste

Compost heap

Our Prospecton brewery in Durban, South Africa, illustrates how waste from our operations, in this case effluent, can be reused and processed into soil-boosting compost.

Waste sludge in the effluent balance tanks was tested and found to be suitable for a fertiliser-type additive in compost. The sludge is residue from the malted barley, hops and yeast and was previously removed from the brewery three times a week and disposed of to landfill. As the sludge is now being reused as a source of nutrients for agricultural soil, its removal as waste has reduced to once a week, resulting in savings of approximately US$39,000 a year.

El Salvador: Award-winning environmental management

The Central American Environment and Development Committee (CCAD) has awarded our Salvadoran company, Industrias La Constancia, the Regional Cleaner Production Award. The business also received an honourable mention in the water category. The CCAD commended the company for its 67% increase in the recycling of post-production factory materials in the last year, its 58% reduction in the amount of solid waste sent to landfill and its 62% cut in water use in the last eight years.

The award recognises the company's efforts to keep improving its production processes to protect the environment. It highlights its achievements in creating waste reduction and recycling programmes and installing a recycling centre in the brewing plant.