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Blood donors get free non-alcoholic beer

Become a Blood Donor! campaign poster, and Birell beer bottle

Over the past few years the number of people voluntarily donating blood in the Czech Republic has decreased. In 2010, Plzeňský Prazdroj instigated a nationwide 'Become a Blood Donor!' campaign to raise awareness of the shortage and call for new donors to come forward.

This initiative began in the 1990s as a small regional project in response to an urgent lack of blood in the Ostrava transfusion centre. In response, the Radegast brewery in Nosovice introduced the idea of attracting first-time donors by offering Birell non-alcoholic beer.

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Supporting entrepreneurs

Screenshot of Dreher breweries 'Young Entrepeneur of the Future' Facebook competition

Dreher Breweries has been running its ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Future’ competition for students from colleges and universities for the last five years. The programme offers financial and professional support to students to launch their own business. This year, there was a record number of 118 applicants from 33 different academic institutions.

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Minimising the environmental footprint at festivals

Music festival in the Netherlands

Grolsch is a popular choice of beer at music festivals in the Netherlands. Previously, the beer was distributed at all festivals in hard plastic cups. Not only did these create large quantities of waste, but were also a hazard when left on the floor.

Working in partnership with the events management firm Loc 7000 and cup manufacturer Huhtamaki, new bioplastic cups were developed which do not need to be sent to landfill. When collected, the cups are processed and are then able to be recycled into a variety of products including new cups which are of the same quality as the originals.

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Reducing emissions in and outside the brewery

Brewery inside

Our brewmasters in the Czech Republic are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of Pilsner Urquell, the original pilsner beer first brewed in 1842. With no compromise on the quality and provenance of Czech brewing, we have introduced a range of energy saving measures to reduce carbon emissions across Plzeňský Prazdroj.

As a result, the business has achieved an energy reduction of over 8% per hectolitre of beer produced in the last twelve months. Our brewery in Pilsen, which brews Pilsner Urquell has performed better than average as energy use has reduced by over 10% per hectolitre over the same period. Amongst others, energy saving measures have included C02 heat recovery which enables heat to be recycled in the brewery and the shortening and insulating of steam pipelines.

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Stakeholder dialogue on environmental issues

Panel at the round table discussion on environmental issues

In March 2011, SABMiller Russia held a round-table discussion on “environmental aspects of Sustainable Development in the supply chain” in the city of Kaluga, near Moscow. The aim of this event was to promote stakeholder dialogue and transparency.

A range of stakeholders were invited to the event including suppliers (such as StoraEnso and Cargill), government officials (Federal Inspection on Environment, Kaluga Ministry of Environment and Landscaping), civil society (Centre for Environment Protection, Agency of Social Information) along with national and local mass media. Environment experts from local companies were also invited to attend and share best practice in sustainable development. The round table discussion was attended by more than 40 people in total.

During the event, SABMiller Russia explained its approach to sustainable development and listened to feedback from different stakeholders. In general, opinions received were positive; in particular relating to work to reduce water consumption, waste and carbon. However, reducing packaging and encouraging recycling was underlined as the key priority to focus on in future. Following the discussion, attendees were also given a tour around the Kaluga brewery.

In March 2011, SABMiller Russia also published its first sustainable development report which can be found at

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