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Free transport schemes from MillerCoors

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For 22 years, the MillerCoors Free Rides™ and Plan Ahead Colorado programmes have been paying the fares for bus and light rail passengers on New Year’s Eve and St Patrick’s Day. The message has been simple: plan ahead, drink responsibly and don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.

Since its inception, the MillerCoors Free Rides™ scheme has provided 1.8 million free rides on New Year’s Eve. Key to its success has been the collaboration between the company, transit systems, community and civic organisations, law enforcement agencies and the media.

Research indicates that drunk driving is the greatest alcohol-related concern for consumers and offering alternative transport is seen as a real public service. The programmes are fully supported by law enforcement and public safety agencies, state chapters of Mothers Against Drink Driving and community and government organisations.

Our campaigns: Drinking and driving

See how we're encouraging people not to drive drunk

A motorway with SABMiller's anti-drinking and driving campaign on an overpass

Respect 21: helping to prevent underage access to alcohol in the US

Created in partnership with Dr Brad Krevor of Brandeis University and with the help of local distributors, ‘Respect 21’ gets retailers engaged in improving their efforts not to sell alcohol to underage customers.

The programme was first piloted in two Wisconsin cities, and has now been expanded to 13 states.

Retailers are given evidence-based training materials to help them fill gaps in their current policies and practices. Younger mystery shoppers of legal age are then sent in to purchase alcohol. The mystery shoppers evaluate how well the staff did in asking for and validating their proof of age. They provide on-the-spot feedback, and a performance evaluation is sent to the owner.

Improvements have been seen in every city where the programme has been conducted. In Miami, there was a 100% increase in the number of times clerks requested proof of age. In New York, pass rates increased from 67% in the first quarter of the programme to 89%.