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MillerCoors is a joint venture with Molson Coors Brewing Company, formed in 2008 by bringing together the US and Puerto Rican operations of both groups.  Headquartered in Chicago, MillerCoors is the second largest brewer in the USA, with 29% of the beer market.  Our wholly owned Miller Brewing International business is based in Milwaukee, USA and exports our brands to Canada and Mexico and throughout the Americas.

Regional office: Chicago, USA.

Quarterly divisional seminar

June 2013

Hosted by Gary Leibowitz, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, SABMiller plc

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Tom Long
Chief Executive Officer,


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History 2002-2008

Historial document

SAB acquires 100 per cent of the Miller Brewing Company (the second largest brewery in United States by volume) and changes its name to SABMiller plc. Upon the acquisition, SABMiller becomes the second largest brewer (by volume) in the world.


US subsidiary Miller Brewing Company announces plans to enter into a ten-year licensed-brewing partnership with Foster's Group Limited to brew Foster's Lager and Special Bitter brands in the US.


SABMiller and Molson Coors Brewing Company sign a letter of intent to combine the US and Puerto Rico operations of their respective subsidiaries – Miller Brewing Company and Coors Brewing Company – to form a new venture, MillerCoors.


SABMiller and Molson Coors Brewing Company announce the closing of the transaction to create MillerCoors LLC.

Alcohol responsibility

Safe rides home

Our US joint venture, MillerCoors is committed to encouraging at least one million consumers a year to be designated drivers or to choose alternative transport and avoid drink-driving. Consumers can be a part of the campaign by pledging to be a designated driver, utilizing 1800TAXICAB services or participating in Miller Lite and Coors Light Free Rides™ programmes. Over the last three years, MillerCoors has engaged 8.7 million people in these ways. Its success so far has led it to set a new target of engaging 10 million people by 2015.

Read the alcohol responsibility case study

Sustainable development

Worker carying Miller Genuine Draft

Eliminating unnecessary packaging in the USA

MillerCoors aims to get rid of unnecessary packaging materials and use lighter weight materials. Over the year the company eliminated over 3 million kg of packaging, equivalent to the weight of nearly 43,000 full kegs of beer.

Read the sustainable development case study