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30 Dec 2011On New Year’s Eve, use the new Promile INFO “Alcolator” to check blood alcohol levels (Translation)
27 Dec 2011Amsterdam Mariner is using the success of music contest AmsterdaMusic to further promote indie music in the country (Translation)
27 Dec 2011For its programme, Making Progress Together Backus Receives the Peru 2021 Award For Social Responsibility Initiatives (Translation)
19 Dec 2011Peroni, Grolsch, Miller and Pilsner Urquell to join Australia’s leading international brand portfolio
16 Dec 2011Prazdroj employees get Christmas beer and an extra day off (Translation)
14 Dec 2011«Miller Brands Ukraine», WWF and GIZ review the first stage of the «Water Futures Partnership» project (Translation)
14 Dec 2011Backus receives the “Luis Hochschild Plaut” Award (Translation)
14 Dec 2011Russians Consumed about 10% of Dark Kozel More Than Last Year (Translation)
13 Dec 2011Compañía Cervecera consolidates its support for sustainable development with an investment of 3 million Euro (Translation)
09 Dec 2011Pairing Food And Beer For Summer
08 Dec 2011Plzeňský Prazdroj Bottling Plant Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary (Translation)
08 Dec 2011Backus launches the campaign Súmate, Solo +18 (Translation)
07 Dec 2011SAB Signs Up to Energy Efficiency Leadership Network at COP 17 in Durban
07 Dec 2011«Miller Brands Ukraine» general manager Igor Tikhonov among ten top managers of the Ukraine in 2011 (Translation)
07 Dec 2011Backus Receives a Distinction for its Actions in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS (Translation)
07 Dec 2011SABMiller to appoint Managing Director: Asia Pacific and Chief Executive Officer of Foster’s
06 Dec 2011SA Government and Private Sector Form Water Partnership at COP17
06 Dec 2011Backus protects the environment with polyethylene banners (Translation)
06 Dec 2011To the Brewery to Enjoy Czech Christmas Bread “Vánočka”, Nativity Scene and Caroling (Translation)
05 Dec 2011«Miller Brands Ukraine» plant launched the first beer e-scan in the Ukraine (Translation)
30 Nov 2011SAB Announces Winners of Sports Media Awards 2011
30 Nov 2011Cusqueña brand received the “Benjamín Roca Muelle” prize from CANATUR (Translation)
30 Nov 2011Sarmat offers a treat to Shakhtar fans to celebrate the first goal of their favourite team (Translation)
28 Nov 2011Business looks at water challenge
25 Nov 2011Voces Vitales Perú Holds "Mentoring Walk 2011" (Translation)
24 Nov 2011What do drivers want for Christmas? Birell instead of fruit juice! (Translation)
23 Nov 2011The Beer Brewing Museum currently holds a competition for the best Christmas gingerbread (Translation)
18 Nov 2011Miller Brands Ukraine develops World Class Manufacturing system (Translation)
17 Nov 2011SABMiller announces US$295 million investment programme in Peru
17 Nov 2011SABMiller announces US$260 million investment in Africa to fund capacity increases
16 Nov 2011Cusqueña begins the search for the “Heirs of our Magic” (Translation)
15 Nov 2011Tropical’s drop-off area gathers 20,500 plastic cups in the Womad Festival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Translation)
14 Nov 2011Tropical joins the Womad Festival with two parades and the creation of a drop-off area (Translation)
10 Nov 2011Gambrinus 11° Excellent is celebrating its third birthday by giving away 100 beers to every new dad (Translation)
08 Nov 2011«Miller Brands Ukraine» trained the second group of beer tasters (Translation)
04 Nov 2011Compañía Cervecera renews its support for adapted sports through the “Twenty first Half Marathon Santa Cruz de Tenerife” (Translation)
01 Nov 2011Are you interested in what you drink? Then read the label on Birell! It now displays nutrition facts. (Translation)
31 Oct 2011Dorada dresses up with limited edition bottles for nightlife establishments (Translation)
31 Oct 2011SABMiller summarized the first six months of the current fiscal year. Miller Brands Ukraine has been demonstrating considerable production growth while the market collapses (Translation)
27 Oct 2011Chilina Bridge: Joining for Development (Translation)
27 Oct 2011Press Release (Translation)
26 Oct 2011Plzeňský Prazdroj successfully saves another tradition – in exchange for a beer sign, you can get a deputized beer (Translation)
25 Oct 2011Backus implements “Ecopark Live Responsibly” in Pucallpa (Translation)
20 Oct 2011As a fall inspiration, Beer Brewing Museum offers series of creative Saturday workshops (Translation)
19 Oct 2011Anadolu Efes and SABMiller Strategic Alliance
18 Oct 2011Hybrid patrol car on the grounds of Dreher Breweries (Translation)
18 Oct 2011Prazdroj opened its sixth season of concerts with a novelty – merging with Jazz Without Borders festival and an exhibition opening (Translation)
17 Oct 2011Pure Water In Velké Popovice Attracts Endangered Kingfishers (Translation)
12 Oct 2011Backus wins an international award for its practice of Sustainable Development in Latin America 2011 (Translation)
10 Oct 2011Miller Brands Ukraine launches Amsterdam Mariner beer in new package (Translation)
07 Oct 2011Jaroslav Učík from Vrchlabí won a silver medal at the world championship of bartenders - Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender (Translation)
07 Oct 2011Ursus Breweries appoints new President: Andrew Highcock replacing Gary Whitlie, who will retire after 27 years of service
06 Oct 2011Aiming to improve the company’s competitiveness and customer service Compañía Cervecera modernises its production centers (Translation)
05 Oct 2011Nile Breweries to educate 7/11 bomb orphans
05 Oct 2011One thousand five hundred hectolitres of unfiltered Pilsner Urquell lager heading to beer lovers in 150 pubs (Translation)
05 Oct 2011Go have a non-filtered lager as soon as you can; it's going to be available in pubs until October 10 (Translation)
05 Oct 2011Toast to the taste of autumn with Grolsch (Translation)
04 Oct 2011Birell did it again and defended its victory in a prestigious beer contest (Translation)
03 Oct 2011IEA Organises Talk On Accra Brewery Limited’s Socio-Economic Impact In Ghana
03 Oct 2011Prazdroj is celebrating the 169th anniversary of the first batch of Pilsner Urquell beer with special tours and an organ concert (Translation)
03 Oct 2011Grolsch returns to native soil in Groenlo (Translation)
29 Sep 2011The Cervecería Hondureña Foundation and SERNA Honduras award the cash prize to the winners of the 14th National Environmental Award (Translation)
28 Sep 2011Cervecería Hondureña invests and promotes the development of Honduras
26 Sep 2011AmsterdaMusic found the gems of Ukrainian indie music (Translation)
23 Sep 2011Radegast brewery reports a record attendance - over 10,000 visitors in September (Translation)
22 Sep 2011César Fernández de Caleya, absolute winner of the Compañía Cervecera Golf Tournament (Translation)
22 Sep 2011Of all sports, Czechs like riding their bikes most, and paragliding is their favourite nontraditional sport activity (Translation)
22 Sep 201180 % Of People Are Looking For Information About The Influence Of Alcohol On The Human Body On The Internet (Translation)
12 Sep 2011Nile Breweries extends tree planting to Kabale town
07 Sep 2011‘The Day Of Radegast’ Will Offer New Records As Well As Unfiltered Beer (Translation)
06 Sep 2011PJSC Miller Brands Ukraine receives Grand Prix, gold and silver for their beer quality (Translation)
05 Sep 2011Compañía Cervecera de Canarias reinforces its campaigns to promote responsible consumption of alcohol (Translation)
02 Sep 2011Pilsner Fest is not over yet … keep celebrating! Nontraditional excursions are being offered to visitors of Prazdroj breweries during the month of September as well (Translation)
02 Sep 2011New internet shop of Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery proved to be a good idea (Translation)
01 Sep 2011Grolsch adjusts energy saving goal from 20% to 35% (Translation)
31 Aug 2011Radegast will introduce practical 1.5 litre plastic bottle (Translation)
30 Aug 2011Forty-two thousand people came to this year’s Pilsner Fest, and they all drank 650 hectolitres of beer (Translation)
29 Aug 2011SAB Announces New Look 2011 Sports Media Awards
24 Aug 2011New President of Kompania Piwowarska
24 Aug 2011After six years in Peru Robert Priday leaves Backus
24 Aug 2011La Constancia Fourth Reforestation Event: environmental culture and aquifers protection (Translation)
24 Aug 2011Prazdroj Brewery Opened Plastic Bottles Filling Line (Translation)
24 Aug 2011Cusqueña, the Premium beer with more awards in Peru (Translation)
23 Aug 2011Senior management appointment at Miller Brands UK
23 Aug 2011London Olympic double-decker at Pilsner Fest! (Translation)
22 Aug 2011China Resources Snow Breweries Co. and Guizhou Maotai Limited Company Together Launched Capital Increase and Joint Stock for MaoTai Beer (Translation)
22 Aug 2011Amsterdam Mariner sponsors the Ukrainian IT Jam Meet & Mix (Translation)
18 Aug 2011Celebration of beer and music is about to begin; Plzeň will be filled with tunes from Pilsner Fest (Translation)
18 Aug 2011Jiří Dopita brews lager in Nošovice brewery for Radegast Day (Translation)
17 Aug 2011Plzeňský Prazdroj has a New Marketing Manager (Translation)
15 Aug 2011In honour of our Olympic athletes… Backus celebrates 75 years of Peruvian participation in the Olympic Games (Translation)
12 Aug 2011By collecting gas, the Prazdroj and Gambrinus breweries save at least 280 tonnes of CO2 yearly from fossil resources (Translation)
11 Aug 2011More exciting Beer experience on the Island (Translation)
11 Aug 2011SAB Appoints Former Mvelaphanda CEO As Executive Director
09 Aug 2011The first winner of Sarmat’s “Compare the Quality” campaign evaluated the achievements of the best European brewers (Translation)
09 Aug 2011Mora successfully tested both finalists of the Extra League. With their shots they got 325 beers for fans. (Translation)
08 Aug 2011The Czech winner of the Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender competition is bartender Jaroslav Učík from Vrchlabí (Translation)
05 Aug 2011The first Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurant in Asia will open in Vietnam (Translation)
03 Aug 2011CRB takes full ownership of Xihu Beer (Translation)
03 Aug 2011Visiting Lada's region for a tour and for arts and crafts (Translation)
03 Aug 2011SAB reduces electricity consumption, contributing to national saving effort.
01 Aug 2011Nile Breweries keeps beer price below inflation
29 Jul 2011Backus gives US $70,000 to the players that participated in the America Cup (Translation)
29 Jul 2011Sherpas Head for Landek. The Race is Saved.(Translation)
29 Jul 2011SABMiller summarised the first quarter of the current fiscal year. The Ukrainian branch of the company demonstrated considerable production growth. (Translation)
28 Jul 2011HC Mora will challenge Premiere League finalists. Beer for fans as a reward for goals scored. (Translation)
28 Jul 2011Pilsner Urquell’s International Master Bartender competition is coming to the Netherlands (Translation)
27 Jul 2011Dorada Especial celebrates its recent awards with a new image (Translation)
26 Jul 2011CR Snow’s third strike in Henan to add Shangqiu Blue Beer to its porfolio (Translation)
26 Jul 2011Prazdroj awarded high quality of beer from tap at the U Kovárny pub (Translation)
26 Jul 2011University students are getting practical experience during interships at Plzeňský Prazdroj (Translation)
25 Jul 2011Grolsch chooses Alfred as advertising agency (Translation)
25 Jul 2011Grolsch becomes partner of Concert at SEA Festival (Translation)
25 Jul 2011Grolsch opens exhibition ‘Grolsch Living History’ (Translation)
25 Jul 2011Grolsch starts with Lowleaks and gives away the very last 200 Lowlands tickets (Translation)
25 Jul 2011Miller Brands Ukraine invites singers and music lovers to participate in the AmsterdaMusic contest (Translation)
22 Jul 2011Rock band Chinaski is brewing beer for Pilsner Fest (Translation)
20 Jul 2011In June, the Radegast brewery attracted a record breaking number of visitors (Translation)
20 Jul 2011Beer carriers will carry barrels with beer to castle Lukov (Translation)
19 Jul 2011Once again, Czech golfers did not play at The Open, but Czech Republic was represented by lager, Pilsner Urquell (Translation)
18 Jul 2011By consumer demand, Backus launches Cusqueña Red Lagerlimited edition (Translation)
15 Jul 2011Compañía Cervecera has invested more than 25 million Euros in the development of its environment in the last nine years (Translation)
15 Jul 2011Backus presented its experience of coordinating a commodity chain (Translation)
15 Jul 2011Summer with cans (Translation)
14 Jul 2011Backus implements new caps for plastic bottles (Translation)
14 Jul 2011Gambrinus supplies ingredients to microbreweries (Translation)
14 Jul 2011CR Snow Acquires 49% Equity Stake in Jiangsu Dafuhao Breweries and 100% Equity Stake in Shanghai Asia Pacific Brewery from Heineken-APB
12 Jul 2011Beer carriers take over Svatý Kopeček (Translation)
11 Jul 2011Senior Management move at Miller Brands
08 Jul 2011Cervecería Hondureña Foundation and SERNA deliver the National Environmental Award (Translation)
06 Jul 2011Exclusive Sarmat as a gift to Shakhtar (Translation)
06 Jul 2011Dorada Pilsen, Dorada Especial and Dorada Sin get another international award (Translation)
06 Jul 2011Three year market performance summary of the SABMiller Ukrainian branch (Translation)
06 Jul 2011With the help from Backus and other companies educational medical centre is built and equipped in Chincha (Translation)
04 Jul 2011Mundell Evaluated Top 500 Chinese Brands; Snow Beer Is Worth 46.368 Billion Yuan and Comes on Top (Translation)
04 Jul 2011Lighter bottle top crowns strong innovation pipeline at SABMiller
01 Jul 2011SAB launches 'No Regret Friday' to counter irresponsible drinking
01 Jul 2011Revision of a unique direct heating system in the Pilsner Urquell digester house (Translation)
30 Jun 2011Summer at Prazdroj is launching a music season full of good old bands and newcomers (Translation)
29 Jun 2011Innovative packaging to protect the environment (Translation)
28 Jun 2011Prazdroj will give employees beer for their summer vacations (Translation)
28 Jun 2011Snow Meixue Merged Together for Good (Translation)
24 Jun 2011Dreher Breweries, Ltd. won the “Green Idea Factory” Special Prize at the Green Office 2011 Challenge (Translation)
24 Jun 2011SAB awarded for water care efforts
24 Jun 2011Promile INFO service contributed to responsible drinking at the festival Votvírák (opener) in Milovice (Translation)
24 Jun 2011Pilsner Urquell and Master to refresh United Islands visitors (Translation)
24 Jun 2011Prazdroj supplies beer to 85 summer festivals (Translation)
20 Jun 2011“Sarmat” and “Zhygulivske” beer brands enter market in Georgia (Translation)
17 Jun 2011Prazdroj started using a modern cooling system, which is more environmentally friendly (Translation)
17 Jun 2011Nile Breweries takes HIV/AIDS fight to bars
14 Jun 2011CRB Spent 330 Million on the Factory in Loudi Settled in Hunan (Translation)
14 Jun 2011CRB Has Invested 300 Million Yuan in Qinghe Moni Beer and Become Its Holding Company; Another Step Toward Unifying All Beer Companies in Liaoning Province (Translation)
14 Jun 2011The taste of Amsterdam Mariner beer was rated highly by the experts of the International Taste&Quality Institute (Translation)
10 Jun 2011Berka won the bet, Maurer will be tapping beer during the Pilsner Fest (Translation)
09 Jun 2011For Father’s Day, Pilsner Urquell offers retro bottles in a gift-pack (Translation)
08 Jun 2011Plzeňský Prazdroj announces its financial results (Translation)
06 Jun 2011Snow Beer “Globe Trekker: Across Kekexili” Launched Nationwide (Translation)
06 Jun 2011Kozel brought home 20th medal from an international beer competition (Translation)
06 Jun 2011Shelf-life indicators, women’s biking outfits and one-click tourism are the winners of the Young Entrepreneur of the Future competition (Translation)
03 Jun 2011The third season of the cycling school with Birell is filled with biker celebrities (Translation)
03 Jun 2011Dorada Pilsen, Dorada Especial and Dorada Sin are Awarded Gold Medals in the 2011 Monde Selection Contest (Translation)
01 Jun 2011Another recognition of a Hungarian beer at an important international competition (Translation)
31 May 2011Among SABMiller’s 152 Plants, ILC is the Number One in the World (Translation)
30 May 2011Radegast won silver at a prestigious competition in Australia (Translation)
26 May 2011For the first time, Gambrinus will offer its fans unfiltered lager (Translation)
25 May 2011This summer, the winner of the beer Oscar, Master 15° Gold, will be served from barrels for the first time (Translation)
25 May 2011Pavel Maurer and brewer Václav Berka made a bet about how much beer would be served at the Prague Food Festival (Translation)
24 May 2011Peroni Nastro Azzuro Hits The Arequipa Market (Translation)
20 May 2011SABMiller plc announced annual results for fiscal year 2011. The group’s Ukrainian subsidiary showed excellent volume growth.
19 May 2011Ursus Breweries focuses on profitable growth (Translation)
19 May 2011American vendors of Pilsner Urquell celebrated the liberation of Plzeň (Translation)
19 May 2011SAB Ltd posts strong performance in year to end March 2011
18 May 2011The World Champion in bartending, Lukáš Svoboda, will give lessons in serving beer from tap at the Prague Food Festival (Translation)
16 May 2011Cusqueña pays tribute to one of the world’s wonders (Translation)
12 May 2011The toughest Moravian competition is starting! (Translation)
12 May 2011Harcov dormitory in Liberec experiences fight for beer (Translation)
12 May 2011"雪花 Snow" Beer Named Top Seller in China for the 6th Consecutive Year Brand Valued at US$1.688 billion
10 May 2011ICT and Plzensky Prazdroj cooperate on the development of the Czech beer-making industry (Translation)
10 May 2011Plzeňský Prazdroj will begin exporting the special beer, Master, to Slovakia (Translation)
10 May 2011Come and have fun with friends on Open Door Day at the Gambrinus brewery! (Translation)
09 May 2011The same price, the same flavour… (Translation)
05 May 2011Limited edition of summer semi-dark Birell (Translation)
04 May 2011Cusqueña Beer Joins the More Than 100-Year Celebration for Machu Picchu (Translation)
03 May 2011366 Teachers Trained in the Country
02 May 2011Grolsch Once Again Releases Unique FC Twente Supporters’ Can ‘Wie stoat achter Twente’ (Translation)
02 May 2011Grolsch Selects Dutch Band Rigby to Headline New Commercial New Grolsch Campaign Focuses on “The Taste That Grabs You!” (Translation)
29 Apr 2011Pilsner Urquell International Competition of Bartenders Begins (Translation)
29 Apr 2011On Sunday, the Brewery Offers Masters Coopers and Free Tours (Translation)
28 Apr 2011Vatican accepts a gift from the Czech Republic on the beatification of John Paul II – a blessed brew of Pilsner Urquell beer (Translation)
28 Apr 2011A new road will decrease traffic in Nošovice (Translation)
27 Apr 2011A New Collective Agreement Was Signed at Prazdroj (Translation)
27 Apr 2011Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism Forged Strategic Partnerships (Translation)
27 Apr 2011Backus wins the Anda Award for Best Advertising Company (Translation)
26 Apr 2011Pilsner Urquell made an Easter cache in Kraslice (Translation)
26 Apr 2011Message to consumers: Alcohol does not belong behind the wheel (Translation)
21 Apr 2011Batch of blessed Pilsner Urquell beer heading to Vatican (Translation)
21 Apr 2011Plzeňský Prazdroj Is Inviting Visitors to a Special Easter Programme (Translation)
19 Apr 2011Master Zlatý, Gold, and Birell Brought Home First Gold “Oscars” from Britain (Translation)
15 Apr 2011Czechs like 11° beer more and more; in 2010, Kozel served 20 percent more of it (Translation)
14 Apr 2011Cervecería Hondureña, Transit Police and INFOP Impulse Road Safety Program (Translation)
13 Apr 2011Cerveza Cusqueña Invites You to Paul McCartney’s Concert (Translation)
12 Apr 2011Prazdroj complies early with EU requirements for waste recycling (Translation)
11 Apr 2011TBL taps into Zambia market (Translation)
08 Apr 2011For the past 168 years, Plzeň beer has been served at the legendary U Pinkasů (Translation)
07 Apr 2011SAB welcomes complete dismissal of Competition Case
07 Apr 2011The first spring trip? Only on a bicycle (Translation)
07 Apr 2011Nile Breweries increases barley prices
05 Apr 2011Gambrinus opens first pub to follow new concept of Seventh Heaven (Translation)
05 Apr 2011Pilsner Fest will promote new music talent (Translation)
05 Apr 2011In finals, Roman Málek gets Radegast beer for each hit (Translation)
31 Mar 2011Kaluga region worthy to be area of environmental safety (Translation)
31 Mar 2011Martin Šourek advances from Pilsner Urquell to SABMiller Europe (Translation)
23 Mar 2011Prazdroj receives special forklifts for drinks from Phoenix-Zeppelin (Translation)
23 Mar 2011Cervecería Trains retailers about the responsibility of alcohol consumption. (Translation)
22 Mar 2011SAB and Rhodes University treat waste water for re-use
22 Mar 2011Industrias La Constancia believes in the future of El Salvador (Translation)
22 Mar 2011Peruvian Business Council in response to HIV presented results and prospects of its 2011 Action Plan (Translation)
22 Mar 2011SABMiller promotes journalism excellence in East Africa
21 Mar 2011Grand final of the first children's indoor soccer tournament, Maltin Power Cup (Translation)
21 Mar 2011Cristal consolidates national beach soccer team for South American championship (Translation)
17 Mar 2011Kenneth Hansen to Become International Trade Marketing Manager for Pilsner Urquell (Translation)
16 Mar 2011Communication Partners of the Plzeňský Prazdroj Follow Rules of Responsible Communication (Translation)
14 Mar 2011Pilsen bishop blesses Easter batch of Pilsner Urquell (Translation)
11 Mar 2011Dorada Encourages Recycling and Responsible Drinking with a Plastic Glass Collection during the Santa Cruz Day Carnival (Translation)
10 Mar 2011Compañía Cervecera Receives European Business World Award for its Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability (Translation)
07 Mar 2011Consumers decide on the new launching of Cusqueña Red Lager (Translation)
03 Mar 2011Pilsner Urquell to be exported to Poland directly from Pilsen (Translation)
01 Mar 2011Dorada will offer over 25 music shows in Plaza del Príncipe during the ‘main’ days of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival (Translation)
24 Feb 2011Having Restructured Jiangsu Santai Beer Co., Ltd, China Resources Snow Breweries Leads the Market in Southern Jiangsu and Sets to Conquer the Central Jiangsu Market (Translation)
24 Feb 2011Prazdroj confirms its occupational safety and environmental certification (Translation)
24 Feb 2011Compañía Cervecera Donates 6,080 Euros to the Ademi Tenerife Club’s Sports for All Project (Translation)
23 Feb 2011Robert Lobovsky joins Global Marketing for Pilsner Urquell (Translation)
18 Feb 2011Dorada will sponsor all Carnival competitions in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Translation)
18 Feb 2011Plzensky Prazdroj announces its sales results for 2010 (Translation)
17 Feb 2011Fans watched the hockey game from a special pub (Translation)
17 Feb 2011Replacement of chains in mash pans at digester house of Pilsner Urquell (Translation)
17 Feb 2011Peruvian Olympic Committee Grants Recognition to Backus (Translation)
16 Feb 2011Czech beers, Master Zlaty and Birell, received "beer Oscars" in England (Translation)
16 Feb 2011Prazdroj has a new director of corporate relations and communication (Translation)
16 Feb 2011Dorada Creates Limited-Edition Aluminium Bottles with Tenerife Carnival Motifs (Translation)
15 Feb 2011Plzensky Prazdroj to open a new PET bottle line (Translation)
14 Feb 2011Olympic gold medal heading to Orlová (Translation)
10 Feb 2011ILC’s Second Report on Sustainable Development (Translation)
10 Feb 2011NBL launches Shs. I bn. scholarship for the poor
08 Feb 2011Pilsner Urquell is primary partner for Prague Food Festival 2011 (Translation)
07 Feb 2011The number of pub restaurants with tanks has increased 60-fold in the last 15 years (Translation)
04 Feb 2011Backus presents results and perspectives of its strategy for sustainable development (Translation)
01 Feb 2011Miller Brands extend availability of Kozel following successful launch (Translation)
01 Feb 2011Pilsner Urquell again named most-sold foreign beer in Germany (Translation)
28 Jan 2011Kozel's popularity abroad constantly increasing (Translation)
28 Jan 2011Fans will be on Mora's bench (Translation)
21 Jan 2011NBL to educate farmers’ kids (Translation)
17 Jan 2011SABMiller RUS is implementing a new social campaign against irresponsible alcohol consumption (Translation)
17 Jan 2011Jablonec got a goal from a regional championship team (Translation)
17 Jan 2011The Velke Popovice Brewery reached a record number of visitors (Translation)
14 Jan 2011The Radegast brewery welcomed more than 9,000 visitors in 2010 (Translation)
13 Jan 2011Snow Beer Acquires Henan’s Second Largest Beer Corporation Aoke Beer, Dominating the Central Plains with Series of Mergers (Translation)
13 Jan 2011Brewery announces record breaking news: 226,000 visitors from all over the world visited Prazdroj last year (Translation)
12 Jan 2011ADEX awards Cusqueña for its excellent exporting efforts (Translation)
12 Jan 2011The Cristal Beach Soccer Cup Returns for 2011 (Translation)
12 Jan 2011Grolsch re-launches low-alcohol ‘Stender’ (Translation)
12 Jan 2011Export of the Pilsner Urquell lager increased by 5 percent last year (Translation)
05 Jan 2011Moravian celebrities will launch the serving of the Radegast Extra Hořký (Bitter) beer on tap (Translation)