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SABMiller RUS started production and sales of new easy drinking Zolotaya Bochka Platinum.

5 June 2009

The Russian beer market today offers a very wide range of relevant products to consumers, reflecting consumer preferences and trends. Recent trends reflect that consumers prefer easy drinking products. Such products are characterized by the following attributes: easy drinking beer itself and transparent packaging. According to Nielsen, the five most successful SKU in this category have almost 20% of the premium segment. Nielsen Retail Audit, MAT Mar'09.
Core brand "Zolotaya Bochka" is one of the oldest local premium Russian brands. It ranks second in the premium segment with a market share in value terms of 11.0% (according to Nielsen, March 2009, cities of Russia with populations from 10,000 people). Until recently, its portfolio included four sorts targeted at various audiences in various consumption situations. Now it's launching a new extension which reflects recent market trends and will allow it to extend its brand audience.
«We launched «Zolotaya Bochka Platinum» as we decided to add an impact to the core brand of «Zolotaya Bochka» with the help of a new easy drinking product, unique in its taste and packaging perspective, - says Bertrand van Renynghe, Marketing Director, SABMiller RUS. We are confident that the new «Zolotaya Bochka Platinum» will attract new dynamic consumers open to new tastes».
«Zolotaya Bochka Platinum» is brewed with the help of selected soft sorts of hops, which make the beer taste light and refreshing.
«Zolotaya Bochka Platinum» is the first light beer in transparent bottle of 0.5 liters. In the «Zolotaya Bochka» portfolio, its shape is different from the mainline packaging pattern and it is the first time a transparent label has been used by SABMiller in Russia. 
The launch of «Zolotaya Bochka Platinum» will be supported with a national advertising campaign featuring the product on TV, in outdoor advertising and in trade channels.
SABMiller RUS is a subsidiary of one of the world's leading brewing companies, SABMiller plc, with brewing interests in 60 countries on 6 continents. In Russia the company has operated from 1998. The company's portfolio is comprised of eleven brands, among which are the well-known SABMiller international premium brands Miller Genuine Draft, Grolsch, local brands such as "Zolotaya Bochka" and premium licensed Redd's, Velkopopovický Kozel and Amsterdam Navigator. According to ACNielsen data, 2007 company volume share was 6% and value share was 10%. SABMiller RUS employs over 1,800 employees in Russia, has production sites in Kaluga and Vladivostok, and is invested in the Greenfield brewery construction in Ulyanovsk.
Zolotaya Bochka - leading band in portfolio of SABMiller RUS. It was launched in April 1999. Its recipe was developed in line with World Class brewing standards and with the consideration of Russian consumers' preferences. The best selected malt and hop sorts are used for brewing. In 2003, the brand was relaunched with new positioning and new packaging.  From 2005, beer Zolotaya Bochka has been bottled in user-friendly bottles of 0.5 and 0.35 liters with a twist-off crown cork. Their design was successfully renewed in early 2009.  Zolotaya Bochka extension includes such sorts as: «Svetloe», «Klassicheskoe», «Vyderzhannoe», and «Razlyvnoe».
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